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Recent content by gmccool

  1. G

    Has anyone done a Wireless / Bluetooth Headphone Setup for Minelab GO-FIND 66

    Has anyone set up their Minelab GO-FIND with a Bluetooth adaptor so they could use Bluetooth Headphones. I see that there are some Bluetooth Adaptors that might work but I am worried about the latency.
  2. G

    Great wireless setup for E-trac and other 1/4" plug detectors

    Hey I am interested, I am looking for a way to so that I can use bluetooth with my Minelab Go-Pro. I am sure that It would work with a 1/4 to 1/8 headphone plug adaptor!
  3. G

    Is there a X-Terra 705 Manual in German?

    I know this is a long shot but I am trying to find a Users Manual for my X-Terra 705 that is written in German. I have a German friend who likes to use my X-Terra he understands that basics and with my poor German I am able to explain some things to him. He would really like to find a manual...
  4. G

    Anyone use Gray Ghost Deep Woods Headphones

    I recently purchased a pair of Detector Pro Gray Ghost Deep Woods Headphones for my Minelab X-Terra 705 and I am disappointed with the sound. I wonder if it is me or the headphones and I don't want to jump to conclusions before I know the facts. They just sound flat and boring compared to my 2...
  5. G

    Greetings from Waikiki !!!

    Hi, Greetings from Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii. I have been here for three days with my Minelab X-Terra 705 and have not found any gold yet! I have seen several people in the water and on the beach but personally haven't found much except some change. I still gave almost two weeks left and I will...
  6. G

    Can someone recommend a Minelab Dealer for me

    I need to purchase some Minelab X-Terra parts and would like to possibly buy some used parts and ask a few questions. Can anyone recommend a knowledgeable Dealer that might have some used parts on hand. Hopefully it will be a Forum Sponsor! Thanks for your assistance! Greg
  7. G

    AT Pro Camlock broke!

    I really like my AT Pro and up until now I haven't had any problems with it. Now the Camlock on my upper stem is cracked. It may have cracked like my coil cover did from detecting when it was freezing out or I may have just over tightened it Oh well it does need to be replaced soon. Does anyone...
  8. G

    Help needed replacing Eagle Headphone Jack

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question or not but here goes. I have a pair of Eagle Metal Detecting Headphones that need repair. They work pretty good but stress on the cable where it connects to the plug has broken through the cable casing. It hasn't broken off completely...
  9. G

    Gold & Silver the same day in Germany w/ X-Terra 705

    I just recently moved to Germany and have little success finding anything old or interesting in the past two months! This week my drought ended with the finding of my first silver coin. It is a 1744 silver 2 Kreutser coin that is about the same size of a dime but a little thinner. I also found a...
  10. G

    Just arrived in Germany! Looking for Hunting Buddy!!

    Hello to everyone from Ramstein, Heidelberg, Stuttgart areas! I just arrived in Helibronn two weeks ago and I have received my household goods and my metal detectors, I also just got my phone and internet turned on! I am 55 years old and retired Army and I just came from Washington state where...
  11. G

    Headed to Kauai Hawaii!!

    Well its time for a well earned vacation and I will be going to Kauai HI for two weeks finishing up with a week at Waikiki Beach. I have been to Waikiki Beach several times and just this past December I pulled 2 rings off the beach and one in the water with my new Garrett Beach Hunter. This year...
  12. G

    Does anyone have the part numbers for the

    I would like to purchase a neoprene armrest cover and a replacement armrest screw for my X-Terra 705. By any chance does anyone know a dealer that has them in stock? Thanks in advance!!! Greg
  13. G

    AT Pro Compared to Fisher F70 or Minelab X-Terra 705

    I have a fisher F70 and a Minelab X-Terra 705 and was thinking of picking up a used AT Pro. I like that it is weather proof and Garrett makes a very good detector and has excellent customer service. I think that the F70 and X-Terra are pretty close in the field with the fisher being just a...
  14. G

    Recent trip to Hawaii with new Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

    I have been a member of this website for several years and this is my first post about my experiences detecting so here I go. I went to Hawaii in December for a week and I stayed at a hotel on Waikiki Beach. I had a wonderful time and for the very first time I did some water detecting. I had...
  15. G

    Information on BH Ranger Pro from Bass Pro Shops?

    Does anyone know anything about the BH Ranger Pro from Bass Pro Shops? I have been looking for a manual for it on line and have come up empty handed. It looks like the BH Time Ranger but it has a few less control buttons. If anyone has any info on one I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks Greg