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Recent content by IDXMonster

  1. I

    Dazzled by the Equinox once more

    Nice fishy there Mike! I’ve found a few of those here in southern Wisconsin, they are a small coin! Good work in the junkyard…👍
  2. I

    advice needed

    Like Rodbuster, been there done that. What has kept me in the game on PUBLIC LAND is getting more skilled at this hobby every time out. Every time. Whatever that means to you…hunting more deliberately, hunting down scale, learning as much as there is to know about the machine you have…ANYTHING...
  3. I

    Angles again……

    One of the big problems in these conversations is the fact that it is just that…a conversation. If people can start FILMING what they are experiencing you would see many different swing styles, speeds, lengths.etc. SEEING something happen makes things infinitely easier to understand. Gunwolf...
  4. I

    Do coins lose weight after being in the ground?

    So we are talking about a roll of US clad quarters here? Silver definitely loses weight from pocket wear/general circulation so if these were just modern coins, I think you’re right about the discrepancy being in the packaging, and not the coins themselves.
  5. I

    Discrimination question

    And this is what I see SO many times I lost count some time ago…I want to SEE it. The only thing I’ve dug so far by running discrimination any less than the actual upper right quadrant?….garbage. I have 2 patterns on the Explorer2 and now also on the SE which look like the Big Dipper…the upper...
  6. I

    Best in aluminum

    You wouldn’t necessarily need an “older detector”….just one with a small concentric. Because of the cone shaped field that they emit, it would stand to reason that it would be the most precise in this test…just raising it enough so the end of the “cone”(much like your shrunken footprint) would...
  7. I

    7 months in after a few year hiatus...

    Very well said Wolf. “Become better at what you do”. This is the ONLY thing that will save you when your current skills have stripped a place clean. It just extends the amount of time that you can hunt a place, which is invaluable. Excellent advice all around to use everything you have in your...
  8. I

    Best in aluminum

    A small concentric coil raised a couple inches off the ground will work best. Since concentric coils are not offered for the bulk of machines made today, you’d have to use something older, or one of the few new ones that they’re offered on. I haven’t run the test, but I know where this is going…
  9. I

    Now I know why I loved hunting with the CTX.

    I appreciate your kind words Dan. It is SO hard to go film anything that is even remotely useful to someone else that its insane. Anyone can go “make a video”. Did it do anything to advance anyone else? Did you SHOW it happening? It is HARD to catch stuff live. And because I hunt ONLY public...
  10. I

    What's your set up for hunting trashy area's

    What your approach is will depend ALOT on your time, energy, physical condition, what you WANT to find….for me, it’s a better idea to use every technique possible EXCEPT rototilling a site to uncover other things. Time and energy simply don’t allow it. For others, it tends to sporadically...
  11. I

    Who goes swimming; CTX3030 or Nox800

    I am finally going to drag out the scoop I bought last year and actually do…some fresh water hunting. I would take the Equinox based on… 1) It’s under warranty 2) My CTX is NOT 3) Equinox is a “thinner build” and potentially easier to maintain a proper swing rate in the water from 2”-3’ in depth...
  12. I

    Who goes swimming; CTX3030 or Nox800

    Will you flesh out the “I would use the Equinox, the others can’t touch it” statement Jeff? The “others” being the OP’s CTX and XS I assume?
  13. I

    Explorer SE?

    I honestly can’t see a day when ML would phase out ALL FBS machines, there is just way too big of a following, and more importantly….too many people have had great success in finding what they want to find with them. The ONLY way it would happen is if something else was invented that TRULY...
  14. I

    Explorer SE?

    Tony….the VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) pinpoint gives a progressively louder AND higher pitch as you move onto the target. The SE series also give you Target ID while in pinpoint mode. The Explorer 2 only gives an increase in Volume as you move onto the target and NO ID is available while...
  15. I

    Explorer SE?

    Oh boy! What a timely subject! I just bought an SE Pro not a month ago! Here are the things I’ve noticed right off the bat. Also, observe the top of the Explorer main screen…Mike O was nice enough to list some comparisons! 1) SE Pro has VCO pinpoint. HUGE for me… 2) SE Pro menu and editing is...