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Recent content by jimmy clark

  1. J

    taking apart an out of warrenty zlink transmitter

    I bought a pair of used zlink headphones that's out of warrenty. the little transmitter unit is defected. when I plug in the usb charger cable the charge light goes on an off as I move the cable. in others words it has a bad connection inside the unit. my question is has anyone ever taking apart...
  2. J

    mx7 depth

    mx7 users what kind of depth do you get?
  3. J

    Whites closing their plant.

    before its over detector companys over seas will most likely be next.
  4. J

    DFX - still using it??

    Well. I guess for my age ,is what I meant. hi hi. Glad were doing good for our age. The LORD has been good to me.
  5. J

    Whites closing their plant.

    Whites an tesero will probably only be the first of many.
  6. J

    DFX - still using it??

    for jewelry hunting in sports fields etc. nothing can beat it in my opinion. Ive used about ten different detectors with this kind of hunting .Ive never used the v31 or vx3 I don't believe they could beat it. coin an jewelry hunting is just about all I do. water hunting is my favorite...
  7. J

    six shooter or 7 inch dd coil for mx sport

    is there anyone who can compare the two coils for depth an how each performs in trashy areas?
  8. J coil?

    I read where it would be the first of 2021 before they will be out.Wouldnt be surprised if it wasn't longer then that,if at all.
  9. J

    I just can’t do it!

    Great testimony.Jesus is the only way.we must give him all our trials an troubles. satin is making a massive attack on our nation, and everyone who doesn't have their spirtural guard up.
  10. J

    mxsport an mx7 in fairly trashey areas

    anybody use their sport or mx7 where theres a lot of trash ,and whats your take on how it did?
  11. J

    eight hours on my used mxsport.

    I decided not to send the headphones in,an spend the money for postage .like I said I can run the volume to 20 an from there to 30, which is full volume,they cause the signal to break up. I can hear ok on 20 so that's where ill leave it. I guess the coils in the phones or weak, an wont take full...
  12. J


    Ive been using my dfx for 18 years nothing can beat it for my kind of hunting. which is mostly practice fields parks etc. for gold and silver jewelry. I say that because of the very good vdi and tones it gives. 95 percent of time I can tell if I have gold under my coil. I also just bought a...
  13. J


    Just wondering why no one has commented on the mx7. ive looked on 14 pages of this fourm, and I didn't see any .could it be that no one owns one?
  14. J

    eight hours on my used mxsport.

    Not yet. I sent them an email the other day but I may have to call them tomorrow. The sport is a good detector. It weights the same as my DFX, but it feels heavier. Ill use it mostly for water hunting. Ill be making a self built swingy thing. that will help with the weight. like I said its a...