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Recent content by jimmy clark

  1. J

    10/6 coil for water hunting

    thanks for the info. the 6/10 coil may try to float. i guess ill just keep using the stock coil and 7 inch dd when water hunting.
  2. J

    wish nokta would make a pinpointer that

    would like for nokta to make a pointer that only detected near the tip like the whites trx did. an a little smaller like the trx.
  3. J

    fixed ground balance on the vanquesh

    Some or saying the vanquish has auto G.B. but no its called fixed G.B. the company adjust from the circuit board, to handle med. to mild soil. some detectors can be adjusted from a pot. inside but you need to know what your doing. anyway does look really good for the money.
  4. J

    10/6 coil for water hunting

    anybody use the 10/6 dd coil on the mxsport to water hunt an how does it work for you? I'm thanking it could work a little better then the stock coil.
  5. J

    land ranger pro

    Ive read that the land ranger pro an the tectnetic liberator where the same detector except for the design on the liberator face plate. so I guess that means the circuits, depth ability, is the same is that correct?
  6. J


    ok thanks. id read on a post from, I believe from 2017 that they were going to discontinue the minuteman an liberator. glade he had wrong info.
  7. J


    do they still make the liberator detector?
  8. J

    fixed ground balance on the vanquesh

    ok, thanks for the info. ive been watching videos about the vanquish, watched one last night, the fellow was unhappy. first he said the power goes off when you set it down on the ground. well when he showed how it goes off, he dropped the detector. when it was several inches from the ground. an...
  9. J

    fixed ground balance on the vanquesh

    Ive read that the reason theres no auto or manural ground balance is because you don't need it with multi iq. But ive also heard different. can someone explain that to me. Ive been thinking about getting a 440, but I just don't understand why they don't have a ground balance system. the nox has...
  10. J

    anybody using the liberator

    I'm mostly a coin an jewelry hunter, I have a dfx ive used for years, ive watched videos on the liberator an it seems to be good for the money. an would be lite to swing.
  11. J

    has anyone used the cheaper pinpointers like amazon sales?

    thanks for the reply. what brand did you order?
  12. J

    has anyone used the cheaper pinpointers like amazon sales?

    I didn't loose it. I got it muddy. washed the mud off then it would come on but wouldn't beep. only a few months out of warranty.
  13. J

    has anyone used the cheaper pinpointers like amazon sales?

    Ive been meaning to get a backup pinpointer. had to send the one I'm using for repair. Ive heard that some models of the cheaper pinpointers or fairly decent. has anyone used one that's decent? an if so which one?
  14. J

    zlink garrett carrett failure

    thanks james. ill just have to figure out what I want to do. again thanks.