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Recent content by John-Edmonton

  1. John-Edmonton

    Get your act together Garrett

    I forwarded your issue to Garrett. They appreciate feedback, both good and bad.
  2. John-Edmonton

    Micro find with the Ace 400

    Liked that shovel find. You guys make a great team!
  3. John-Edmonton

    The New APEX Passed The Freezing Cold Test

    Went to a toboggan hill, and detected for two hours. In the past, using rechargeable NiMH batteries required me to attach a hot pack on the electronics to prevent the batteries from discharging from the cold. Not so with the APEX. I started with 4/4 bars battery indicator, and after 2 hours in...
  4. John-Edmonton

    The Latest November Issue Of The Garrett Searcher Is Now Available

    Check out the great finds!
  5. John-Edmonton

    Out Shooting Birds With The APEX And Got Several Good Shots!

    Thanks for all the thoughtful comments.
  6. John-Edmonton

    Well, Here They Are.................... New Garrett APEX Coils

    That smaller 5" x 8" coil would sure come in handy right now. It slices through dry powder snow like a knife through butter, allowing me to still detect in 8" of snow, in the woods.
  7. John-Edmonton

    Out Shooting Birds With The APEX And Got Several Good Shots!

    Winter has taken it's grip here in Edmonton. The gold producing river is nearly frozen. The ground in parks and school yards is hard as rock. Today, I celebrated winter with my Nikon Kodachrome, my Garrett APEX and a bag of sunflower seeds....a favorite food source for many birds, especially...
  8. John-Edmonton

    Well, Here They Are.................... New Garrett APEX Coils

    They are in production currently, and will be shipping soon. Below is a list of Findmall sponsors you can get more information from regarding price, shipping dates, shipping costs. Backwoods Detector Sales Big Boys Hobbies
  9. John-Edmonton

    Here Are The Weights Of The 3 APEX Coils From Garrett

    These are with search coil covers.
  10. John-Edmonton

    First Signal "BAM!" Out Came A Silver Ring Using The APEX!

    Out after work for a quick hunt, as the time change doesn't give me too much light anymore. Temperatures are still above freezing, so a few more park hunts are still on the menu. This bumps up my totals to 24, 8 with the APEX. The APEX is turning into a ring vacuum.
  11. John-Edmonton

    Well, Here They Are.................... New Garrett APEX Coils

    As per many requests for other coils, Garrett has responded!
  12. John-Edmonton

    Trouble with my apex

    Have you reset the unit? Turn the unit on. Wait a few seconds, then hold the on/off button for several seconds until it beeps. That quite often fixes the unit. Every time you switch coils, you should do a reset. You didn't mention in your post where you turned it on. If in the house or backyard...
  13. John-Edmonton

    Out Doing A Water Hunt In The Freezing Cold North Saskatchewan River

    I was using my relic shovel to dig up the coins. Deepest was about 6 inches. It's fun digging in a river for targets. The water washes away the sand and smaller stones in seconds, leaving the target in sight. And.....I was walking real slow and careful.