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Recent content by lloyd0161

  1. L

    Joining the XP Group, Got an ORX, Couple Questions

    So I have moved over to XP and happy I did. Thanks to Richard at Backwoods! I got the elliptical HF coil and MI-6 pinpointer. I love the whole wireless package and works perfectly. What a cool setup. Just a couple questions though. With the detector assembled and extended I notice the feet...
  2. L

    kruzer/ Anfibio - Which Stock Coil is Better?

    AF28 11 inch round DD & KR28 11 x 7 DD. Which one would be better on an Anfibio and why?
  3. L

    Gold Kruzer - 15.5" x 13" DD Search Coil?

    I have the Gold Kruzer with three of the four coils offered. I recently added the 9.5" x 5" DD. Even though my primary reason for buying the Gold Kruzer is not coin hunting, this coil immediately opened up my depth capability on deep coins. Actually, this detector has done better than any...
  4. L

    Makro Gold Kruzer - Micro Jewelry Finds

    Tonight's metal detecting finds. Found a possible 24k gold turtle with a blueish translucent stone. The setting is nicely done. The gold is very thin. Still trying to read the hallmark but definitely solid gold and not plated. Found by crab apple tree in our side yard. We are thinking it...
  5. L

    Makro Gold Kruzer

    My new detector this year. I am amazed at the performance on micro gold jewelry. This is a step up from my gold bug pro and T2. Also being waterproof is a benefit. Love the screen and easy menus. The TID is familiar since my previous favorite detector was the gold bug pro. They are very...
  6. L

    Trying the T2 SE Ltd.

    I've been through a bunch of the high end detectors, Minelabs, Fisher, Tesoro. Until now the Tesoro Tejon was my favorite but I missed having a little more information via tones and ID to help sort things out. I don't find too many valuable coins in our heavily picked over parks so I mainly...
  7. L

    F75 SE Ltd DST Question

    I have an F75 SE Ltd. Not sure how old. It has the cache and boost processes. Does this also have the DST? How to tell? It is very emi sensitive in some areas and had to lower sensitivity.
  8. L

    Hello, Hello, Anyone in here?

    All but abandoned forum, must be the F19's fault............
  9. L

    Elevated Iron and Coins

    Which Garrett detectors will find a coin below iron? Try this test: place a nail on a 2 x 4 stud cutoff about 1.5 inches from a Washington quarter placed on the ground. So the quarter will be approx 1.5 inches below the nail and 1.5 inches away. My GTI 2500 will find the quarter depending on...
  10. L

    GTI 2500 5 x 10 Scorcher Coil Depth Capability?

    Just received a used GTI 5 x 10 DD Scorcher coil that appears in good shape. Anyone have any experience with this coil? The 9.5" is able to find my test quarter at 6 inches with no problems but the 5 x 10 will not find this coin. I expected different results until I tried it. Any thoughts?
  11. L

    GTI 2500 and Monte's Nail Board Test

    OK, I don't have the know how to post a video but in my opinion my GTI has passed this test using the 9.5" imaging coil with flying colors. My wife will attest to the results as I explained what I was doing and observing while she looked bored and uninterested sitting on our patio and watching...
  12. L

    GTI 2500 Interesting Air Testing Observations

    I sold off my older GTI 2500 with treasure talk and bought a used 2015 GTI 2500 with almost no use on it. I am very pleased with this purchase and have been air testing it in the front yard with various combinations of coins, jewelry, and iron objects with the 9-1/2 PROformance Imaging coil...
  13. L

    NEL 5" Sharp Unstable Over Rain Soaked Ground?

    I am running a Gold Bug Pro but should be same with F19. Strange behavior of my 5" NEL Sharp coil over freshly rain soaked ground. If the coil is swiped on wet grass it becomes chattery as heck and unstable with constant falsing all over the place. If the coil is kept an inch or so above the...
  14. L

    5" NEL Sharp Unstable Over Rain Soaked Ground?

    Strange behavior of my 5" NEL Sharp coil over freshly rain soaked ground. If the coil is swiped on wet grass it becomes chattery as heck and unstable falsing all over the place. If the coil is kept an inch or so above the wet grass worked better but still unstable. If the conditions are dry...
  15. L

    Visiting Daughter at College - Found Two Silvers

    Spent a half hour detecting the old student rental where my daughter is staying on campus at her University. Within 10 minutes we had two silvers; 1944 Merc and 1962 Canadian quarter. Man, we couldn't even buy candy at the local store with those worthless Canadian coins back in the day when...