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Recent content by MidTN

  1. MidTN

    First gold ring! I can relax now (a little, maybe)...

    Congrats on the gold.
  2. MidTN

    Met an old-timers grandson who shocked me!

    jkline "Every now and then a pig finds a truffle, but he has to work for it." Man your hogs are living large. I don't know of any truffles in Tennessee. The only thing a blind hog in Tennesse finds is and acorn if they are lucky.
  3. MidTN

    How’s everyones detecting with high gas prices?

    Finished it today.
  4. MidTN

    Nothing worse than...

    Global Warming
  5. MidTN

    Tone Break Video

    Iffy Signals posted a video showing settings for tone break on the Legend. I for one don't understand tone break. I plan to test the settings he used. The video includes the D2 and Nox.
  6. MidTN

    How’s everyones detecting with high gas prices?

    I plan to place rakes on my bike to hold my detector and shovel. I live in a small town and getting around will be easy.
  7. MidTN

    Legend scores yet again!

    Congrats on the Barbers and a great write up. You owe this score to your wife for kicking you out of the house.
  8. MidTN

    This is NOT a loaded question for the legend... to those that had already purchased one..

    I agree with Ronstar. Depth meter sucks. I also found the pinpoint on the 11 inch coil sucks as well. After pinpointing with the 11 inch coil I always finds the target in the sidewall. The problem I have with the pinpoint I can sweep the coil over the target after digging the plug and the Legend...
  9. MidTN

    SLQ Today

    Multi, Park M1, Recovery Speed 6, 4 tone. Trying out a silver coin custom mode.
  10. MidTN

    SLQ Today

    Found my first SLQ today with the Legend. Sorry no pictures. Very worn and no date visible. The property owner has never seen an SLQ and ask to keep it, so I gave it to him. That makes 5, silvers so far this year with the Legend.
  11. MidTN

    💰💰💰 This could cost you $200,000 💰💰💰

    In that part of town, they worked their differences out in their own way.
  12. MidTN

    💰💰💰 This could cost you $200,000 💰💰💰

    When I worked for the City of Nashville we found people that would steal water they were more likely to steal electricity. One time we found a house using jumper cables to steal electricity from their neighbors electric meter box.
  13. MidTN

    Walmart coin star silver!

    I was in Wal Mart on Monday and found 1 Canadian dime and 3 tokens,
  14. MidTN

    Failure to turn off.

    Thank you. There are some people not willing to take responsibility and you are. Thank you for your reply.
  15. MidTN

    Failure to turn off.

    The Etrax and 3030 guys need to go back where belong. Elmy said "this dog just wants to hunt". I have not had this issue with the Legend. All I can say to the 3030 and Etrax guys is let it go Louie!!!