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Recent content by MXTerer

  1. M

    Perfect MXT Pro

    I am getting ready to sell a perfect condition MXT Pro due to health problems. I need to know about how much it would be worth.
  2. M

    Has anyone used the Detech Ultimate on the Mxt

    or MXT Pro? In an air test I didn't get any more depth than with the 10"D2. It also seemed to be more unstable.
  3. M

    Garrett "clear sound" headphones

    Has anyone ever tried these headphones on the Etrac or Exterra? Any comments on sound?
  4. M

    6" digger coil

    Anyone know what dealers have the 6" digger coil for the Xterra in stock?
  5. M

    Coiltek 5x10

    Has anyone tried this coil? How is it compared to the Sunray 8" or the 6x8 SEF?
  6. M

    Strange mineralization problem

    I am on my third or fourth Xterra now. I would buy then sell looking for something better. Now I realize there isn't any I like better than this and my CTX. Anyway-to my problem...... On my previous Xterras with any coils, the ground readings would be low to moderate-20's to 30's. But with...
  7. M

    6" coil

    Let's hear some more about the 6" coil. I'd like one but these things are so expensive! Anybody got any more stories?
  8. M

    Thinking of getting a Minelab Advantage....

    Are there many users still around?
  9. M

    Getting older

    It will catch ALL of you!
  10. M


    I sure wish there were some 8" coils available. 6" is just to small and stock is just to big for the woods and old home sites.
  11. M

    "Sweet spot" on the 10.5DD 7.5 coil

    I noticed when in my test garden that the best and loudest signal came in about 1/3 back from the front edge of the coil. As I checked at the center of the coil the signal was weaker and 1/3 from the rear of the coil it was weaker yet. How does yours compare? Makes me wonder.
  12. M

    1775 King George III

    Found this morning. Using "High Trash". High trash seems to give better ID. In ferrous coin there are a lot of targets that read coin ID's
  13. M

    "freeze up, unxepected error"-using alkaline batteries

    turned my unit on tonight just to test some items. Had been on about 15 minutes, when I tried to turn it off the screen froze, then "unexpected error" popped up. I was using the alkaline batteries with plenty of time left
  14. M

    CTX classroom?

    Did I read on here there was going to be a CTX classroom? I hope it will be soon!
  15. M

    Best tick repellent?

    I use to use a product called REPEL but can't find it locally anymore. Anyone know of a good repellant for ticks, or should I mail order REPEL?