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Recent content by Nauti

  1. Nauti

    Deciding on and comparing new machines. Can get a little comic.

    I can't understand why people actually use nailboard tests and put up tests on you tube showing how great a detector is on targets lying on the ground.Even more strange is the fact that some will go and buy a detector on the strength of these tests......unbelievable. Nalboard tests showing...
  2. Nauti

    Whats the Scoop on this Scoop?

    Construction looks quite poor to me.Even the seam welded one shows gapping on the seam weld.I've owned a few scoops and never owned one that has been spot welded either......all joints on my scoops have been fully seam welded.I'm not saying it wont hold up but if i had picked this up in a shop i...
  3. Nauti

    How Do You Supper Tune The Tejon

    Isn't it a case of putting it in all metal,cranking the threshold all the way up and then switching back into discrim?If you do this you have to be careful in pinpoint mode because it can hurt your ears when pinpointing a target.Try it in an air test to see if it makes a difference.I supertuned...
  4. Nauti

    THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMMM. Has anyone noticed .......

    We have a beautiful river walk close to where we live called watersmeet where two rivers meet,hence the name,and you see dog bags hanging out of the trees and bushes all the time.Irresponsible dog owners collect it in a bag when people are around in an act of fake responsibility and when nobody...
  5. Nauti

    🙈🙈🙈 NEVER do this while Metal Detecting 🙈🙈🙈

    😂😂😂😂😂fair play to him,that was quite funny.
  6. Nauti

    Minelab "The Sovereign" A few questions...

    That is in good nick.......they tend to be very reliable machines too so not a lot goes wrong with them.Personally i would keep the machine even though im a bit biased,still a relevant machine today even though its an old design.Can't really help you with a price as they rarely come up for sale...
  7. Nauti

    Minelab "The Sovereign" A few questions...

    Sounds like the original sovereign mk1......quite a rare machine these days.I can't comment on the performance of the mk1 but i own a GT and i would put it up against any minelab currently available,its an old machine but its performance was far ahead of its time.I owned an se and an...
  8. Nauti

    Rutus Atrex

    They have a great reputation over here in the UK.
  9. Nauti

    Fossilized Spider

    Very rare.......most insects and spiders are usually preserved in amber and not in rock.Have you got a photo?
  10. Nauti

    Becareful deer ticks to the max

    Good wife and i carry a set of tick removal picks when we go off the beaten track with our cameras.
  11. Nauti

    Search Coils For Sovereign

    Im running the nel thunder at the beach......cracking coil.
  12. Nauti

    Just hunted two Nightmare sites

    The big will soon become a thing of the past?
  13. Nauti

    xp Deus 2 vs ctx3030

    Lol......i've been in that fishing situation too.......i've had better gear and still been whupped by anglers either side of me......all the gear no idea springs to mind in my case.😂.
  14. Nauti

    xp Deus 2 vs ctx3030

    "Positive reinforcement syndrome"........i like that description and as you say a lot of us have suffered from it including me a long while ago lol.When a machine comes out that really makes a difference to my finds rates i'll be on it but for now i will keep "living in the past" with my...
  15. Nauti

    New to the sovereign

    Where are you in the UK.......i'm in the north devon area..