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Recent content by nwdetectorist

  1. nwdetectorist

    Pinpointer interference

    checkout halfway down this website link about EMI, ground balancing, Noise Cancel, and Pinpointer technology... It is Minelab related but should apply to this discussion of pinpointer interference...
  2. nwdetectorist

    Best Wired Full Ear Headphones for the Equinox?

    Yes and Yes With my Tesoro Bandido 2 uMax I can blow my ears off my head with the volume, but not doodle-shit for volume with the module. And I did try the limiter switch both ways, and the compatibility switch both ways too. The only way I can get any sound at all (minimal, very very minimal)...
  3. nwdetectorist

    Best Wired Full Ear Headphones for the Equinox?

    I can report that my Sunray Pro Gold's (not specifically for Minelab); used with the Minelab 1/8" to 1/4 inch adaptor, do not respond with adequate volume. Since there is barely negligible volume I cannot tell if the harmonics is even there in the sounds. I struggle to hear enough sound to...
  4. nwdetectorist

    Equinox on loan

    Most important of all --- know how to reset individual profiles, or know how to completely reset the machine to factory defaults. This way if you adjust badly or feel that your settings just are not working, simply reset and start over. Big CAVEAT here: A factory reset will un pair the blue...
  5. nwdetectorist

    Spectrum XLT --- Engineers Report

    thanks; this is helpful
  6. nwdetectorist

    User profile

    Yeah, I had to figure that one out too. I thought just by going back to Park 1 it would be at default settings. But; the default behavior (programming) is for the Equinox to save whatever changes you make in a program. So I must remember to hold down on Detect Mode for several seconds while in...
  7. nwdetectorist

    Spectrum XLT --- Engineers Report

    Spectrum XLT --- Engineers Report I am looking to find a copy of this book. It was instrumental in my understanding and use of the Spectrum XLT that I owned back when. The book gave great understanding of phase differentials and how the VDI chart works, and in layman's language to boot...
  8. nwdetectorist

    Blank Sheet for Recording Custom Settings

    Indeed, and thanks for the reminder.
  9. nwdetectorist

    Blank Sheet for Recording Custom Settings

    I found a JPG sheet on TreasureNet that will work for now.
  10. nwdetectorist

    Blank Sheet for Recording Custom Settings

    Thanks Tony --- that is what I am doing with an Excel Spreadsheet. Once I get it figured out, I will convert to PDF and share. Still tweaking things and relearning MS Excel since it has been over a dozen years since last use and/or classes in MS products. :(
  11. nwdetectorist

    Blank Sheet for Recording Custom Settings

    OK; maybe an older version of MS Excel with less capabilities might be up loadable. Here goes... NOPE!!!
  12. nwdetectorist

    Blank Sheet for Recording Custom Settings

    Here is my spreadsheet; mistakes and all. :) DAMMITT!!! Excel Spreadsheets are not allowed as attachments. I am attaching a snapshot of what has been created so far.
  13. nwdetectorist

    Blank Sheet for Recording Custom Settings

    OK; what order for the Equinox Settings Sheet??? 1. What preset program to start with 2. How many tones; 2, 5, 50 3. Ground balance setting and/or auto balance 4. Setup accept/reject notches for your hunt site or hunt style 5. Select Volume for each tone region 6. Select Tone Pitch for each...
  14. nwdetectorist

    any feedback on the use of the makro/nokta scuba pinpointer

    I am a land lubber who occasionally gets to local river beaches and into the water's edge. The Nokta-Makro Pulse Dive without the Scuba Wand is what I use. Well built (like a tank) and never fails on land or water's edge. IMHO PS: I have since purchased the Minelab Pro-Find 35 to used with my...