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Recent content by pine3874

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    Why is tekneticsdirect no longer direct?

    Went to today and noticed that they are no longer selling their detectors on their website. Also, there are no dealer code discounts and no free shipping. Does anyone know when this changed?
  2. P

    Cast Iron Radiator?

    I believe this is cast iron. It has been there so long that the tree grew around it. Any ideas as to what it could be? Thanks for looking.
  3. P

    Tesoro Silver µMax Discriminates Out Dimes When Disc Set to Max

    I thought about doing that, but then 5¢ and zinc 1¢ will be off. Right now everything is spot on. Like I said in my original post, I'm ok with the way it is, but was just curious if this is how the Silver is set up.
  4. P

    Tesoro Silver µMax Discriminates Out Dimes When Disc Set to Max

    Just got a Tesoro Silver µMax and when I set the discrimination to max, dimes and copper pennies are discriminated out. Only quarters and higher are heard. If I want to hear dimes and coppers, I have to set the disc right above zinc. Is this normal for the Silver µMax? I've owned a lot of...
  5. P


    Where and when will these be available for purchase?
  6. P

    Analog Machines That Can Use Concentric Coils?

    Besides Tesoro detectors, are there any other analog machines available today that can use concentric coils in addition to DD coils?
  7. P

    How to change old style Tesoro shaft for new style

    Here is a photo of my Sidewinder µMAX metal shaft. Diameter of the lower shaft is 18mm.
  8. P

    How to change old style Tesoro shaft for new style

    Yes that would be the ideal solution, but being that I can't even find a Tesoro lower rod, finding a complete shaft assembly would be impossible. Thanks
  9. P

    How to change old style Tesoro shaft for new style

    I just bought a Tesoro Sidewinder µMax with the original all metal 2 piece shaft. Is there any easy way to put it on the new style shaft with cam locks and fiber lower shaft? If I just replace the metal lower shaft with a newer fiber shaft will it fit in the original upper metal shaft without it...
  10. P

    HF Coil Battery Warranty

    Does anyone know how long the battery in the HF coil is warrantied? My ORX with 9" round HF coil was purchased in Jan 2020. I only hunt about once a week for 3-6 hrs. The battery in my HF coil only holds a charge for about 6 hr. The manual says it should hold its charge for 20 hrs or more...
  11. P

    Problem with Gamma Display

    Problem was me not the detector. Sorry
  12. P

    Problem with Gamma Display

    I just got a used Gamma and when I power it on, it displays a "d" instead of displaying 80 which is the default sensitivity. Then when I detect a target, it ID's the target correctly, but the ID number just stays on the screen instead of going back to the iron icon. Is there anyway of fixing...
  13. P

    Is there a 5" concentric coil for Greek Series detectors?

    I've been trying to find a small(smaller than 8") concentric coil for a Teknetics Gamma, but it looks like they only make a 5" DD coil. Has anyone ever seen a 5" concentric coil for the Gamma?
  14. P

    Potentiometer for Tesoro Compadre?

    Thanks for the reply, but in order to match it up I need to know the specs(ohms, watt, etc).