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Recent content by TallTexan

  1. T

    Old nails

    Hi, where does one go to research old nails? I mean, are there drawings or illustrations depicting the type of nails used by the Spanish in the 16th century? Thanks!
  2. T

    GOPro 7

    Hi, does anyone here use the GoPro 7 camera, and if so, what are your thoughts on this unit?
  3. T

    Poison Ivy!

    Hi, I like to relic hunt in the woods but am having trouble with poison ivy. Are there any proven methods of boosting one's immunity against this spoiler of woods hunting? Thanks! Martin
  4. T

    Off and on imaging!

    Hi, yesterday for the first time, my 2500 had periods of "non-imaging" moments. I have had this unit for a couple of months now and this is the first-time I have encountered such a problem. I would get a good signal, then proceed to press the "treasure imaging (pinpoint)" button and there would...
  5. T

    2500 and sticking buttons!

    Hi, I have had my 2500 for a little over a month now. I am experiencing the little yellow buttons sticking in the "pushed-in" position. It is easy to un-stick the buttons, but is this an issue I should take-up with Garrett? Thanks for the input.......Martin.
  6. T

    2500 questions

    Hi, are one-way sounds (bell-tones) indicative of a good target? Also, what is the minimum sensitivity level one should run? As you can surely guess, I am new to this machine. I have found some square nails and an old door hinge, how can I estimate what era I am in, that is, when did square nail...
  7. T

    Underwater use??

    Hi, is $499.00 a good price for a new Sea-Hunter Mark 11? I want to hunt creek and river beds and also some old lakes. Also, is the pro- pointer fully submersible? Thanks for the input.
  8. T

    Coil interchange

    Hi, will a 10" BBS coil made for the older sovereign's work on an older musketeer? Thanks!