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Recent content by tomjj

  1. T

    Middletown Ohio

    Hi there my name is Tom, I live in Fairfield. Get back to me and lets talk. Tom
  2. T

    Bluetooth Connection

    Is there a way to connect Bluetooth to the control units to hear through hearing devices or hearing aids. Thanks
  3. T

    Detector age

    Is there a way to find out when a detector was first bought from a dealer? Can you tell by looking at the serial number?
  4. T

    My first LC with the Deus

    Found my first LC in an old pioneer site, It was near an old house site next to an old old road. It was about 8" down under some roots of a tree. I was using the basic 2 program with some changes to it I made at the first Xp Deus Boot Camp in Knoxville Tenn. The LC was 1832.
  5. T

    New whites pinpointer.................

    Has anyone had the chance to play or test the new pinpointer from White's. How does it compare with the other ones on the market?
  6. T

    A couple of new finds with the CTX-3030

    An 1837 bust half 1857 flying eagle penny. I was using Doc's ferrous combo program and they were found 6" and 5" respectively. They both sound very good but the penny showed up on the screen as 12-28
  7. T

    Sensitivity question.............

    Can sensitivity be changed independent of each other, meaning being in auto or manual. I change it now by going to manual and changing the sensitivity then going back auto. So can I change sensitivity either up or down just being in auto mode? I hope this makes sense.
  8. T

    I am having trouble getting the GPS to work

    I have been using my CTX-3030 for the last 3 or 4 days and the gps has not turned on, it just keeps flashing. I have tried everything I could think of to get it to work but nothing. Can anyone tell me what they have theirs set at and I mean every setting that has to do with the GPS. I am...
  9. T

    Couple of nice SILVER with my CTX-3030...........

    Got out last week to a couple of old sites I have been hunting. The first site is and old house and found an 1891 seated dime. It was about 7" deep. Was using the coin program and in open screen. Came in at 12-39-40, very dry rock hard soil. Manual Sensitivity was at 27, 50 conductive...
  10. T

    I am having a little trouble with GPS mode....................

    Ok here is what happening. I set my time which is eastern time zone, Gps enhanced on, time format 12 hrs, time zone utc -05:00, units yards, GPS time sync is checked, There is another setting I do not know anything about, which is dms and dm. It is set on dms. What is Dms or dm? Well...
  11. T

    A question about the CTX-3030.........

    A term I have heard on here lately and I do not understand, is iron wrap around. What is iron wrap around and how does it apply to building programs with the CTX-3030?
  12. T

    E-trac numbers

    My hearing is not with it used to be and I tend to rely on the numbers a lot when deciding to dig. Could anyone give me a list of what numbers to did and where the cursor falls on the screen. I am really new with the E=Tr ac. Or if there is a list somewhere where I can go and download it...
  13. T

    I was out with the AT PRO today and.......

    Almost everytime when swinging the coil and I bumped the ground or something on the ground it sounded off with some kind of noise, mostly the same noise everytime it happened. I was set on Pro mode all metal, sensitivity was second from the top. It gound balanced at 81-82. When I turned...
  14. T

    Need help...............What is the best

    third party coil for the MineLabe Explorer SE Pro.......... The coiltek, or the SEF 10X12. I am going to New England and want a new coil for the trip. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. T

    What Tesoro Should I get............

    Ok I used to have a Shadow X5, and liked it very much. I sold it awhile back and want to know which TESORO would compare to it. I would like it to pinpoint very well, and also I would like to use it in competition hunting. I also want to use in regular hunting. I like to hunt for old coins and...