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Recent content by tvanwho

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    Gold Kruzer

    I got a Gold Kruzer as a demo from Kellyco 2 years ago. Unfortunately, I have only just now got to using it and it refuses to turn on? Not sure how it charges either? I found a dongle thing with USB on 1 side and a round jack that plugs into the back of the machine. But when I plug it all upm...
  2. T

    TDI parts needed

    My buddy needs lower rod, bolt, nut for Whites TDi original? I am in central Indiana. Thanks. Do any dealers still have parts, new or used? -Tom V.
  3. T

    Virginia gold

  4. T

    Elusive hoard of gold coins thoroughly conceiled

    your spelling needs improvement and this sure sounds fishy.
  5. T

    battery powered Hookah

    Is there a battery powered floating hookah thing that uses Lithium batteries for an hour of diving? I saw it on Facebook I think. NO price and no website tho? Thanks. -Tom V.
  6. T

    need Tesoro Bolts and wingnuts?

    I need several nylon bolts and large wingnuts to hold my coils onto my Tesoro Lobo ST. Ace Hardware has the plastic bolts but not the large wingnuts that Tesoro was using. Anybody know where i can get them please? 1.5 inch long , 10 x 24 thread, dunno what diameter, maybe 3/16 or 1/4 inch...
  7. T

    rock hunting ID Kits?

    Anybody got a line on where to get a Rock Identification Test kit? We were shown how to identify basic mineral samples at a local Lapidary museum but they did not have the kits to sell us for personal use? Wondering where to buy one at? Scratch testing, hardness, cleavage, clarity, color, charts...
  8. T

    Racer vs Racer 2?

    Need to know the differences between the 2 machines and which is most user friendly and easiest to use for coin/relic hunting mostly in black dirt, low minerals,farm fields,parks, school yards. I want VCO, at least 3 tone audio tone id, 10 inch on a quarter or dime, easy to pinpoint, easy on my...
  9. T

    Tesoto Tejon and VCO?

    I had a Tejon some years back. It got great depth BUT all targets sounded the same no matter how deep or shallow? Is it possible to have VCO audio on this machine so deeper targets sound more mellow and get louder as targets get less deep, like on my Tesoro Lobo ST? -Tom V.
  10. T

    Tesoro Compadre, how do I change coils?

    Can I send the machine to somebody to change out the 5.75 coil for a 4 inch coil from an old Silver Umax? I am not much of an electronics person. Thanks. -Tom, emailed Tesoro about doing this and no response back?
  11. T

    Compadre and 4 inch coil?

    I just recently acquired a Compadre with the 5.75 inch coil.Does anybody know if the 4 inch coil from a Umax detector will work with the Compadre? If so, how to wire it in ? I own a Lobo ST and just learnt how to tweak it for more depth on coins altho it messed up my discrimination a little. But...
  12. T

    AT Pro and 4 inch coil,headphones adapter?

    Is there a 4 inch or small coil option available on the AT Pro? Does it do very well at gold nugget hunting? I may need a waterproof nugget detector for stream crevice hunting when I go to Maine this summer. Might be kinda handy other places too. Can't afford to buy an AT Gold. Also, was...
  13. T

    Ring Settings for AT Pro?

    I got tired of waiting forever for the Search function to work on this topic, so I will ask here instead? First time getting out to use my AT Pro after getting it back from the factory. I sure don't know why they tried to get me for $225 for bad coil, bad connectors, etc, when it was all their...
  14. T

    Can the ATX strap be used ...

    Just wondering if the ATX neck strap support thing could be used with other detectors such as my Whites TDi pulse machine? Where do I buy one and how much? Thanks. -Tom V.
  15. T

    Potato Patch USA and BIG gold

    Look up the Liberty Gold mine in Washington State on YouTube..Two 1 pounders found recently with a Minelab and an excavator at the Potato Patch by some happy campers. -Tom V.