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Recent content by Waterdog

  1. W

    Coil HF elliptical

    One of the best coils for the xp deus. Separates like no other coil for xp deus. Find treasure right next to junk.
  2. W

    WS 4 headphones volume one side

    They just delivered Replacement Backphone Headband D096 from amazon, so now I ready for warm weather hunts. :cool:
  3. W

    WS 4 headphones volume one side

    I looked at that little wire in there, ordered a XP Deus Metal Detector Replacement Backphone Headband D096 from amazon. I checked a couple of other places for it but amazon with the free shipping was the best deal. Maybe later I will attempt a wire repair :)
  4. W

    WS 4 headphones volume one side

    I had the ws4 headphones go to one side only today while I was out metal detecting. Any ideas on how to fix this so I can hear both sides of the headphones ? Thanks
  5. W

    Funny story about dirt fishing

    Today while out metal detecting I had this Short chunky Asian lady stop to check out what I was doing. I had a target reading quarter on the vdi so I got down and dug it up. It turned out to be a junk target, so I showed it to her and told her I was dirt fishing, and put it in my pouch. She had...
  6. W

    Looking for glass again few good uns..

    Really enjoyed watching that video Great
  7. W

    XP product availability?

    I just checked a couple places and I think the HF 9x5 coil is back in stock
  8. W

    XP product availability?

    I hope that there will NOT be any more metal detectors go out of business, i am having too much fun with them.
  9. W

    My first silver with the DEUS

    Silver is always a nice find Yeah Congrats
  10. W

    Prayer request.....

    Prayers for Lisa (Treasure Seeker) and her family, Friends
  11. W

    Drone video for beach hunting.

    TVR said The FAA is requiring drone registration and working on automatic remote identification of hobbyist drones. I don't have to register my other radio controlled and free flight aircraft ... yet. The auto ID plan is just a plain intrusion of privacy that allows the feds to constantly know...
  12. W

    Recent years some Very good water machines have been discontinued, are their replacements much better ?

    I had a fisher PI and it would go deep, but I seen a guy with a minelab excalibur and he smoked me. I sold the PI and got the Excal and love what it does.
  13. W

    sharping digging tools

    I used to go to this park and the ground was the hardest ground ever. We used to go there and use a K bar knife just to break the ground open.
  14. W

    Gold Jewelry

    I have done well on the XP deus with the HF 9.5 coil. You got to dig the trash to find the Gold, but I enjoy it.