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Recent content by WV62

  1. WV62

    Depth lost with tight pattern E-Trac

    Just thought I would share this bit of info for those that don't know you can lose a lot of depth with a tight pattern. The attached picture shows the smallest open area to get max depth for a silver dime. Hope this helps,
  2. WV62

    Elmy's Magic System using your own pattern on the etrac

    Hay Elmy, thanks a bunch. diggininms, unless I missed it here is how to reverse a hunt pattern and get into QM. Go to menu arrow key down to combine click on that. Arrow key down to where you have your hunt pattern saved 1 thru 6. Click on arrow / check button 2 times, this button is located on...
  3. WV62

    Elmy's Magic System using your own pattern on the etrac

    diggininms, welcome to the forum. As you know I am not Elmy, Elmy has had some run ins with a few of the guys making smart remarks about his offers of help. So Elmy may read your post and may or may not comment. I have been working with Elmy for a few years now and I will try to help if I can...
  4. WV62

    Magic coins program

    diggininms, here is a picture of Elmy's 110 pattern and a full reverse of that would be the Quickmask magic that he has been talking about. The 110 pattern is the hunt pattern loaded into smartfind. By loading in a reverse into QM you can check a target and tell if it is good or bad. So with the...
  5. WV62

    Some Etrac Questions

    I must have forgot the pictures with my fix post above. I actually used a heat gun for the first round then after it cooled down used the hair dryer to reheat it a few more times which may have not been needed. Better late than never. Ron in WV
  6. WV62

    Just wanted to show what a little help from Elmy done for me.

    This is the way my year has went with the E-Trac. Elmy has giving me a pretty good work over with settings, patterns and hunting tips. Ron in WV
  7. WV62

    Maybe a little help for those with back problems.

    I started off with a limb off that I cut while hunting one day, my thought at the time was to stay with wood because of the detector. But on another hunt I found a nice half inch conduit pipe about 5ft long sticking up in the woods. So I thought what the heck I would give it try, no problems...
  8. WV62

    Maybe a little help for those with back problems.

    I added the wrist strap to the top of the walking stick and that helps with not having to grip the stick all the time and frees up that hand as needed.
  9. WV62

    Maybe a little help for those with back problems.

    I am kind of a old timer 74 and it doesn't take much to set my back off. Back at the first part of this past summer I was hunting about mid day I just could take much more. I was in the woods and I cut me limb and made a walking stick. That made a big difference for me it keep me standing more...
  10. WV62

    New F-75 Question

    As for sensitivity, I don't think there is a number that can be given to tell you what sensitivity to set the F75 at. My brother and I have been tinkering as to how to setup a machine. First of all it seems that EMI is the big killer of depth in each area we hunt in. So we have came up with a...
  11. WV62

    F75 concentric coil

    Ronstar, I think that is a very good answer, I had a NEL Sharpshooter for the F75 and I liked it but I got a wild hair and sold it. Now for the 12x10 SEF I never had one for the F75 but I got one for my E-Trac and like you said it made a big difference. Both of those coils would be a really good...
  12. WV62

    F75 concentric coil

    I had some problems with the posting above and it didn't post all I said. So I will post here what was lost. Pick up at Not a huge difference in depth, the 10" concentric is the deepest, then the 11"DD and then the 5x10. I don't use the 11"DD coil much at all, it just seemed to miss a lot of...
  13. WV62

    F75 concentric coil

    As for depth I give the edge to the 10" concentric, then the 11"DD and then the 5x10. Not a huge
  14. WV62


    T-DUB, Welcome to the forum, from one of the believers and users of Elmy's reverse magic setup. Ron in WV
  15. WV62

    Etrac Still Viable?

    If I can at least one of my 2 E-Tracs running I don't think I will be trying any new detectors for the rest of my hunting days. At one point I was about to give up on the E-Trac and I hooked up with Elmy who posted above and he breathed new life into the way to setup and run the E-Trac. He is...