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Recent content by xindaris

  1. X

    Get Ready | XP Metal Detectors

    I am still waiting for the GPS feature my ORX is suppose to have. How many years now has XP promised that feature?
  2. X

    Question about EMI

    I have run it from 5 to about 20 depending on wether I was using the 11” X35 or the round high frequency coil. Will try it at 28 and see what happens.
  3. X

    Question about EMI

    I currently have an ORX and a Nokta coin and relic detector. I find the ORX is much more sensitive to EMI. Wonder what others who have multiple detectors have found?
  4. X

    charge of hf coil

    I wonder then why the different instructions for the ORX. They don’t supply a charger only the cord and they give you a list of company chargers they say you can use along with inferring similar chargers can be used. I mean we are charging the same equipment why aren’t the instructions the same.
  5. X

    charge of hf coil

    Sorry I meant a 5 volt charger.
  6. X

    charge of hf coil

    I went back and looked in my ORX manual and it showed you could use a 5 amp charger at 1 amp or greater. Don’t see why the Deus should be any different but if they say something different in the Deus manual let me know.
  7. X

    charge of hf coil

    The difference between the the 1 amp and the 2.4 amp is the 2.4 amp produces the same voltage as the 1 amp but allows you to charge more than 1 item without losing the devices designated voltage output. On the Deus you can charge 3 items before you fall under the required voltage needed. Make...
  8. X

    charge of hf coil

    You should be able to use up to2.4 amp without harming anything. You can find them on ebay. The ones you get with a phone are usually 1/2 amp. If you use the Deus 3 way wire and plug in more than 1 item to charge at a time you need at least 1 amp.
  9. X

    GoldField & Ground Balancing

    You just press the pinpoint button once briefly and pump the coil until it gives you a ground reading on the XP ORX, I think it is the same for the Deus.
  10. X

    Nickel TID on the ORX

    Does it work the same with the 9” HF round coil?
  11. X

    when will xp go multi ?

    I think if there was one thing I would like to see XP do is write a program that would sync all the ID numbers thru all the frequencies.
  12. X

    Anfibio firmware updates

    And one last thing: Make the battery user changeable !!!
  13. X

    Anfibio firmware updates

    I would like to see the stability of the Anfibio on par with the previous Nokta ForsCore. I would like better bottle cap rejection and a salt water mode that really works, after all it is called an Anfibio. And most of all I would like them to come out with a high frequency coil and a program to...
  14. X

    Anfibio firmware updates

    Talked to Nokta USA and they said no one has complained enough about an issue to Nokta HQ for them to want to do an update. From what I read on the forums I find that hard to believe.
  15. X

    Anfibio firmware updates

    Does anyone know if Nokta has any firmware updates in the works for the Anfibio?