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Recent content by Ytcoinshooter

  1. Ytcoinshooter

    Will the Vanquish enough to replace my MXT?

    To the point any equinox you can afford is a better choice. In my experience the Vanquish is a dumbed down Nox. The build is eh, my 42 yr old stepson knocked the vanquish control pod nearly clean off. He went to the Nox and loved it and now added a Manticore. He’s a little rough on his...
  2. Ytcoinshooter

    Frozen puck during update

    Try a different computer. That happened with my Deus 2 remote going to 1.1 *Mind ya I just had no problem using the same MacBook Pro & Chrome browser to get to 1.0 So I stopped there and didn’t try to update the WS6 and WSA2 XL. I wasn’t going to completely loose the ability to hunt w/the D2...
  3. Ytcoinshooter

    Hallelujah v1.1 is alive

    You just need someone to lean on who is comfortable with the tech for help. I totally bricked my Deus 2 remote on a failed update to 1.1. Just a day or 2 before I had no issues going to 1.0 on the same MacBook and chrome browser. Back further: Previously the week before I went from .6 to .71 on...
  4. Ytcoinshooter

    So much for new update

    What stunned me was how easy I got 1.0 using my Mac and Chrome browser…then nuttin going to 1.1 Let’s hope this 1.1 is a keeper. I’ll be watching the usual YouTube characters who share a wealth of info. CB, TN, Gary Blackwell etc.
  5. Ytcoinshooter

    So much for new update

    I cleared the browser cache, reboot - same brick. Thanks again for the suggestions. However using my friends Dell (edge browser - Firefox was incompatible) this afternoon everything went smooth, almost too easy, very happy. Next I will get over my test plot and also read up on user feedback...
  6. Ytcoinshooter

    So much for new update

    Thanks - I’ll try that.
  7. Ytcoinshooter

    So much for new update

    Well I finally am having my problems updating to 1.1 with "USB error" messages. Hmmmm, though I had no such error going to 1.0 using this 2012 1/2 MacBook Pro with USB 3.0 ports and the Chrome browser. Last night I tried this first on the D2 remote and it is a brick now, powered on and stuck in...
  8. Ytcoinshooter

    So much for new update

    Now I just noticed the post about 1.1 patch. I’m going to look at the link. I haven’t hunted much more than a couple hours since updating Sunday.. This company is that responsive?
  9. Ytcoinshooter

    So much for new update

    I think that’s where I plugged in the remote. I successfully used a 2012 1/2 MacBook and chrome browser to update the Deus 2 remote, WS6 and WSA2XL. The remote took one try. For the last two devices I did have to do it a couple times because the sequence, when to plug in the device via usb...
  10. Ytcoinshooter

    Banning of metal detecting

    It’s becoming more common these bans. The onus is on the detectorists to know the laws & ordinances. Our state website makes clear what state controlled areas are a go or not. I’ve made it a point to check ordinances in 37+ years doing this. I loathe Shovels in parks, open holes, trash besides...
  11. Ytcoinshooter

    Headphones won't work after update to v1.00

    Yes, we used that too in describing end users. Very good, you helped my memory recover a lost bit💡😉.
  12. Ytcoinshooter

    Headphones won't work after update to v1.00

    You nailed it…the minus button first then the plus button. I watched the on screen demo carefully realizing I rushed that part. Spent my life before retiring in computer mainframes, desktops and networking…After failing to update the WS6 & WSA2XL the first tries…I figured I was the PEBCAC…and...
  13. Ytcoinshooter

    do you need windows 11 to update xp deus ws6 to 1.0

    I used a MacBook Pro 2012 1/2 version with the latest iOS. I used chrome as my browser, safari is not supported. Happy camper, no more borrowing a winpc. The process was better than what I saw they used previously…downloading and unpacking / unzipping files for an installer, that’s the old way.
  14. Ytcoinshooter

    Headphones won't work after update to v1.00

    If your device is not seen or recognized when you click connect in the update process start again closely watching the sequence on the screen. Using a MacBook Pro 2012 1/2 running chrome browser I updated yesterday to version 1.0 pretty smoothly. I did have to repeat the process carefully ( use...
  15. Ytcoinshooter

    Minelab Manticore

    Ive been considering if I’d be an early adopter of the Core. It has in its feature set what I felt the EQX was missing. I’ve had my 800 since March 2018, 2 yrs later buying a 600 for my wife to use on the beach and travel. I’ve had zero problems from my heavily used 800, woods, fields and cellar...