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Recent content by Ytcoinshooter

  1. Ytcoinshooter

    Price 1600.00

    XP finally got my attention with this anticipated new unit. Upon the release of XP (2010?) I liked the design but hadn't gravitated toward lighter detectors until many years later. This could be my first XP, I should really thin out my 12+ detectors, especially if I decide to go all in on the...
  2. Ytcoinshooter

    Does Garrett plan on releasing new Whites products

    I’ve been watching, waiting for Garrett to make the best of the intellectual and physical property they purchased from Whites. One idea I push is a reconfigured V3i with tech updates and a streamlining of the menu navigation to attract those who felt it was too much. Lighter, waterproof with...
  3. Ytcoinshooter

    Whites Eagle II SL 90

    I’d say it was the most stable. I found deep coins with beginning with the blue box Eagle 2. I either owned or tried out all the following: Eagle 1, Eagle 1 w/update chip. Eagle 2, Eagle 2 SL 90.5. In my soil 6 inches on a dime with decent - not too wild a spread repeatable TID & strong audio...
  4. Ytcoinshooter

    Just seen where Dan-Pa. a long time member on here has passed away!! Read it on another forum.

    Very sorry to learn of his passing. Even though I am less frequent on the forums these days I sure do recall Dan and we communicated a few times over the years via forums.
  5. Ytcoinshooter


    I want to see Calabash Digger put the Apex to the test! Some things can only be answered through performance testing. I trust he will set up test parameters that will provide answers and not speculation as he is very fair and fun to watch. If it was fully waterproof I probably would be searching...
  6. Ytcoinshooter

    where is the gold ?

    Beautifully displayed! 👍. The tough part is being locked down here in Pinellas County with record heat. We are fine. They closed the beaches well before the safe at home order came. Nancy was taking to the NOX 600 and she found an 18K earring the first time hunting totally on her own. Looking...
  7. Ytcoinshooter

    Teaching My Wife. HELP..!!

    I will be teaching my better half using two sets of low latency headphones paired to the NOX 600. The stock wireless 800 cans from my 800 and the Miccus set, they are the same. This way no matter who is holding the unit we can communicate about the audio and visual data the user receives. I'm...
  8. Ytcoinshooter

    Aftermarket shafts. What you got ? Like it ?

    Hi Todd, Bruce from YTC here. I have two of Plugger’s CF shafts. The first was an early - first design of his. The CF insert between the upper and middle rods would rotate with the torque from use. The control head would rotate out of alignment very quickly with a few good swings, particularly...
  9. Ytcoinshooter

    F75 SE competition hunt questions & settings for Sunday's big hunt

    Im asking this here hoping longtime F75 users chime in. Besides a pulse induction unit what detectors clearly cause cross talk / interference issues with the F75 and it’s 13kHz frequency? I’m attending Pound The Ground - Adirondack Coast this weekend. My plan is to use my F75 SE in the Sunday...
  10. Ytcoinshooter

    Catching micro jewelry and small hits while wading - solved!

    My old sifter is derived from a Garrett gold concentrator and has served me for decades. The EQX is a game changer with its solid hits on micro stuff, earring backs, broken chains and even single links or jump rings. I'll probably trim the excess foam and use it to float my cord. I can tow...
  11. Ytcoinshooter

    New custom water proof headphones & rambling thoughts on headphone options

    Wednesday I received my custom TE wired waterproof headphones, the ones built on the white MSA headset. You can find the utube vid easily to see how they are built. Testing in my yard proved for me the audio quality is excellent with rich lows and easy to distinguish high and mid tones. That...
  12. Ytcoinshooter

    Second trip to the "Tree Coin" site yields :beers: Plus Ultra!

    June 1 detecting finds photos. We went back to the site of the Pine Tree Schilling and pistareen. I'm thinking we should get on some heavy work gloves and move the larger modern era overburden of metal trash from a section that needs it. My stepson pulled a colonial copper and I think an 1844...
  13. Ytcoinshooter

    Killing it with my 800 brings more Spanish silver to light.

    June 1 detecting finds photos. We went back to the site of the Pine Tree Schilling and pistareen. I'm thinking we should get on some heavy work gloves and move the larger modern era overburden of metal trash from a section that needs it. My stepson pulled a colonial copper and I think an 1844...
  14. Ytcoinshooter

    Pine Tree Schilling found with broken ATPro & busted carrot!

    Where do I begin. Search my recent posts for the complete story, many have missed or not seen this coin find because this is the first time I actually mentioned the Pine Tree coin in the header of the post. I was more subtle as I was out with my newest detector and my stepson was swapping...
  15. Ytcoinshooter

    Finding the holy grail, thankfully the shovel missed it, MIND-BLOWING!:yikes:

    I got my stepson into detecting a few years back and he's really addicted. After his tour in Afghanistan he bacame a corrections officer and works many double shifts. This post is a big congrats to him for his service AND for a lifetime find he made yesterday. It started Friday's when we were...