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100 year old silver dime

still looking 52

Well-known member
Went out in our over worked park where we've hunted a million times and found this Mercury dime down 7". I was using my f5 with 11" DD coil, settings were disc 65, gain85, thres +3.


Well-known member
Nice dime!


Active member
if you guys have hunted this park "a million times", then you get 2 extra points for sniffing that out :) Merc's are hard to argue with.


Well-known member
I am SL52's brother and I was with him this past Saturday when he found his 1917 dime. That find got us going with a little extra energy. He came and got me to show me the dime and thought I should get over near where he was, just in case he hit the mother load.

When I got there he still had the hole open so I had him put the dime in the hole about where it came out and I would try my new detector on it and see if I could hit it. I put the coil over it and nothing, so I headed back to the truck for the bigger stock coil to see if that would reach the dime, well it did. Now just to see if I wasted a half hour getting that bigger coil, I ask my brother to put his F5 back over the open hole with the dime in the bottom, I wasted my time his wouldn't hit it either. He moved it more to the center of the bottom of the hole and he was now detecting the dime.

For the past couple of years we are the only ones hunting this area of the park, everybody else has moved on to other locations.

We had a pretty go hunt,

Ron in WV


Well-known member
Great find still looking. I never hunted with my F5 using high discrimination. I thought the depth would drop too much but apparently not. I'll try it out next time I'm out fishing for coins.


Well-known member
Back in the day the older machines like the 1265x & 1266x would lose depth with higher disc settings. But all the new machines I have had since I retired do not lose depth with high disc settings.

So back in the day if we were not finding nickels we were not finding much of anything.

I have had 2 of the F5's and I couldn't find any difference in depth from max to min on either.

Crank it up and hunt,

Ron in WV


Well-known member
Nice Find! a 100 year Anniversary Dime!



New member
Boy, doesn't. Pulling something NICE out of a place beaten to death like you mentioned by years of scanning......just
Make your DAY??!??

Kind of like a sigh of relief huh??? First , you know your detector IS working good...
Second, it is exactly one of the targets you have been searching for!

Makes the whole day. Out detecting worth while....doesn't it?

Good for you! ( That one is in good shape..nice ......... Ya gotta love those mercs......even better for you!)


Active member
Congrats, SL52, on that nice early merc. Judging by condition, probably dropped no later than the mid-1920's