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11 Silvers in a single PUBLIC Park Hunt!


Active member
Once in a great while, every detectorist has some kinda day. I have experienced a few, mostly with Civil War relics on private fields. This winter (2017-201:geek: I had my best silver total day ever; ten in a public park. This spring, my pal Matt and I take our CTX's out to a well-pounded public park. I don't know if it was the position of the moon, or the Chinese new year, or simply the fact that I was opening my mouth just right, but I had some kinda day. I ended up sniffing 11 (!) silver coins out of this pounded park, including a MORGAN DOLLAR! Most of the dimes were super deep, 9+ inches. The iron was heavy as well, as there was an old house on this park that was torn down in the 1870's. I ran two different modes; one Combine that was mostly open and one 50 tone CO with moderate discrimination. I also switched between manual and Auto +3 sensitivity as the conditions warranted.

The CTX seemed like it couldn't miss. I tied my previous best of ten silvers, and then crushed number 11 with the Morgan Dollar! I am still in awe. I also found that neat Centennial Guard button from the 1876 World Centennial Exposition (first World's Fair). Matt didn't find any silver, but his best coin, an 1872 Indian in XF, was worth more than all my coins combined! We had a good day. Nothing beats the CTX with experienced users.



Well-known member
This is what I’ve been experiencing at times,with the “can’t miss” some days,other days are dead quiet. It HAS to be something environmental,I just wish I knew what it was. But 11 in a hunt has me by 5,so I’ve some work to do....
Incredible day Bryan. Great to see it being done,congrats on all and especially the Morgan!


New member
Congrats on the park robbery. The big sliver morgan is a nice way to end the day. I bet that high sliver tone just about blew your headphones off your head.

The CTX is the king of detectors in my opinion. It is stable, deep and predictable. It gives good usable info that is reliable. I run in combined tone with a fairly tight discrimination pattern for trashy parks. I can run 50 tone for a while but go brain dead after a while listening to all the sounds. I tend to like a quiet setting. One local park, my wife and I got permission to hunt. It isn't an old park but it is loaded with clad. It is just a small park with a baseball field, concession stand and a basketball court. So far, we have pulled over 80 dollars in clad and a few rings. I have found several wheaties. Friday afternoon, we went to that park and my wife ran her new NOX 800 for her first hunt with it. She dug 33 quarters and other clad as well. The park is quarter rich. We dig all clad. I did the digging and popping so she could get more time behind the NOX. I have been playing with the NOX as to understand the settings so I can help her. It does well and is fast. It pings coins well. But...I still prefer the CTX. The target trace is an awesome feature that helps a lot in id'ing the target. The CTX and gives those subtle tones that can be easily understood.

What headphones do you use for your 3030 carbine? Have you taken your CTX skinny dipping much in creeks or rivers?


Active member
Thanks everyone for the kind words. I will say that the ground was moist that day, not muddy or sloppy wet, but damp enough down to several inches. I wonder if that played a role in getting those deep signals to sound off so well? It was a great hunt and a day spent with a good friend. I felt bad that Matt didn't pull a silver, but his 1872 Indian in killer condition made him happy.

halfstep said:
What headphones do you use for your 3030 carbine? Have you taken your CTX skinny dipping much in creeks or rivers?
This may surprise you, but I use cheap Sony behind-the-ear headphones plugged in to my WM10. I am weird and don't like the feeling of my ears being covered! I get a good couple of years out of them before they shoot craps, and then buy another pair for $15. I imagine as my hearing goes (as a result of chronic children whining and wife nagging, of course) I will need to consider some better headphones. Will scale that puddle when the time comes.

Yes, I plop around in creeks and rivers in the summer. Our creeks in my area have the water quality of thinned chocolate milk, so you learn to recover targets by touch. I do travel down to the clear waters of Southern Missouri occasionally to rescue Civil War lead from the waterways.
Congratulations IM. What blows my mind is not so much the quantity but that it happened in a PP today. The last time I had that kind of day was 30 years ago when I was a young tike and the pickings were easier. I tend to use the Deus more in parks today mainly because TT often nulls over 2 targets in the really trashy areas so you have to watch your screen all the time which makes it harder to pin point. . Were you still getting a tone over all these hits? Again congrats.


Active member
LTimedigger said:
Were you still getting a tone over all these hits?
Yes, sir. Some were barely chirps or were forcing their way through iron, but all were audible.

MEV said:
11 silver coins in one day!!!! Amazing , that ctx is on fire:hot:
Thanks. As Jerry Reed says, when you're hot, you're hot!


Well-known member
That's a great day you find one and it get's in your head and your mind is looking for that same audio then it keep's going . Nice day
:thumbup: sube