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13" ultimate in a park...


Well-known member
been with the E-trac since 2010 so not a novice... I ran a 13" ultimate coil on my last E-trac with no issues... then again I traded states... currently here in upstate SC the ground is hard red clay and sand mix... I have found that running the 13" ultimate coil in a grassy park has caused constant nulling in the threshold.. I ran the stock coil at about 28 sens in this same park without the constant null... I had to turn the sens down to 12 today just to find a few wheats... so what's the deal? any thoughts? is the ultimate that more sensitive to the ground, or am I missing something...
What happens when you run wide open disc with the Ultimate coil Wolf? Constant bombardment? Your ground might be that polluted or nasty in nature but I wouldn’t expect that much of a difference between the two coils. Ultimate runs ok other places?
I ran it in open screen TTF about 28 sens. and it seemed to do OK, but deepest target I got was 6"...a button and was not screaming dig me. there is alot of iron.. in TTF I hear bloop bloop bloop beep in every swing... it's never silent. I'm thinking about picking up another 6x8 coil like I used to have... they are great in certain situations, but in open fields and areas I like the 13"... I switched back to my stock coil for tomorrow mornings hunt at a few old mill houses... what i have to remember is.. I like busy older places and have to keep in mind how many people dropped trash there over the last 100 years...
never mind... I'm an idiot, I have detailed notebooks of locations, finds, and CONDITIONS... the areas I'm hunting right now are nail and iron infested and the soil conditions are very wet... I'm gonna wait till we get a real dry spell and try those areas again... it seems like I had this problem before and actually noted it in one of my scratch pads back in 2012... the E-trac loved drier conditions...well at least for me it does.
You’re not an wrote down what is happening and in what conditions. I call that a “detailed mind”, and as usual, the devil is in the detail. Water does indeed “light up” small iron and makes mineral false more prominent, as you have seen. There seems to be an optimal moisture content depending on factors within a site, SOME degree of “wet” makes signals travel better through a medium. Really dry conditions for me seem to make things a little scratchy and weird, but I can still tell what’s going on for the most part. Let us know how you progress and if you have any other definitive findings.