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1902 Horse Carriage Emblem Tag / Big Silver / Nice Silver Jewelry Variety


Well-known member
Howdy Rick,
Cool story about the gold piece. I have heard that one a few times. Very generous of you to return those items. Yes, that token was way down deep; about a foot. I thought it might have been an old dime but was happy to get the token.
I wasn't there too long but a pile of old headstamps and the 1937 buffalo and 1938 Jefferson nickel were also pulled from that site.
Take care,



I found one of those story dug store token a few years ago and donated it to their museum along with a few other tokens from the town. In that town I also found a class ring which I returned to the owner and one of my copper points. There was a guy that told me he lost his mother $10 gold piece in the town park and spent a half day looking in the area he said, but didnt find it, but a lot of shotgun shells as there was a of shooting in this are.. This was a decent place to detect and did well, but never worked it hard and know I seem to find something whenever I was there as it was considered worked out.
Nice finds Dave.



Well-known member
Thanks. I appreciate you looking and the comments!
Wow, just WoW finds! Good on you. 👍👍👍👍
Here because we have such a short history, finds are getting scarce relic wise. I used to love coin and relic hunting, still do and have a go here n there. Did find some lovely things in the past but now just hunt gold, relics where I think I might get some.
Thats an awesome haul! 😀😀👍👍👍


Well-known member
Thanks for all the comments, Elmy!. In this hobby a few tweaks to settings and methods with loads of patience at public sites makes all the difference of having a good day or not.
You have a knack for thinking outside the box and really learn from what you observe.
It is still the best hobby out there as far as I am concerned.

Seeing a lot of 1940's coins in your finds!
Those coins should have been found years ago, so they had to have been hidden to most detectorists over the years.
You seem to consistently pull coins from many worked out areas.
Not just anyone can accomplish that. It is far beyond what others can do with their detectors.
You should be the one to write your detecting memoirs.
I would actually read that detecting book, most I don't.
Congrats..... and thanks for a great post.
Feed that etrac well, it has earned it's keep.



Well-known member
All finds shown were found over the past 3 weekends at fairly close to home public sites with my Minelab eTrac metal detector.
The 1902 Deere & Webber horse carriage tag was a complete surprise at a city park next to an old fairgrounds site. I thought it was probably just a bottle screw cap but it was deeper than it read because of the size.
I added a small picture of the type of horse buggy it came from in the carriage tag picture.
The large ornate buckle was pulled from an old horse track site and was about a foot deep. The merchant token found at a different site was also about a foot deep.
Sunday morning was a very fun hunt (Picture with finds in my hand). I had researched that site the night before and it was the first time I have been there. At first it didn't appear like there was much to find but there was alot of Iron and junk
in the ground so I knew I could pull something if I worked it hard.
Thanks for looking!

Coin Finds
1944 Walking Liberty Half Dollar
1929 Standing Liberty Quarter, 1941 Quarter
11 dimes (1917 oldest)
1892 V Nickel, 1937 Buffalo and a few older Jefferson Nickels
1897,1898 Indian Head Pennies
33 Wheat Pennies (Not Pictured)
1942 Netherlands 1 cent coin
3 1940-50s Canadian Pennies
1984 Clad Half Dollar

Non-Coin Finds
1902 Deere & Webber Horse Carriage Tag
Drugstore Merchant Token
4 silver rings
Silver Earing
2 gold plated ring
Ornate Sunday School Pin (Silver and contains some gold)
Brass Lutheran Sunday School Pin
Ornate silver/silver washed buckle
Small Cross
Various Religious Medals
Part of a "Lone Ranger" cap gun. Probably late 1950s-Early 1960s.
"T" Pin or Broach.
Ornate spider web design pin with blue stone
Assorted buttons
Olde Doan's Pills container (was flat when I dug it)
Aluminum personalized bracelet
2 small 4-H Pins
Harmonica Reed
Round piece of lead with HHK initials etched on it
Brass "Clown Pizza" token. Probably late 1960s-Early 1970s.
Old valve stem nut
"Hinds" cold cream cover. Probably Late teens - 1920s.
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Absolutely Incredible.
Beautiful finds.
Very eventful weekends.
More than I've found in the last ten years.


Well-known member
Just got back from camping with both daughters and their girls. Sitting here watching Andy Griffith and sipping coffee and reading your post. Life is good.