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1st Real Hunt with the Vista X 8" Concentric


Well-known member
I finally got around to having the right spot to see how the new 8" Concentric performs on the Vista X. This is a spot where an old building stood for many years. The ground is very busy with lots of small bits including very rusty nails. Running Sensitivity @35 & Threshold @ 40, Discs @25 & 32. The machine ran very stable and called the iron low with little to no falsing. Rotten shotshell heads were not a real problem as the would break up on a 90 degree sweep. Good targets sounded good with a noticeable slap. Deep iron gave it's whispery thin high tone that has no meat. Pinpointing was spot on. Separation very good.
In other words, the coil performs as I had hoped and seems to handle the Iron very well. I will re hunt the spot with the "new to me" Super Six coil to compare. I was able to dig my first Key Date coin; an 1886 Liberty Head/V Nickle in Good Condition along with several other decent targets. For heavy iron spots, the Vista X is hard to beat.


Well-known member
Sounds like you have meshed with your tools, good job!


Well-known member
I went back to the same site yesterday afternoon with the Super Six mounted on the Vista X. I hunted over some of the same ground as with the 8" Concentric but found no new significant targets. I turned my attention to an adjacent area that has also produced a good number of older coins using other detectors with larger coils.. The whole permission has lots of obstructions at ground level from being cleared of heavy overgrowth. Roots, stabs & uneven dirt piles. This particular stretch is not very busy, just messy. I found 2 overlooked good targets. A 1900 Barber Dime in Good condition & a old pocket knife. Still plenty of rotten shotshell heads. The Super Six coil ran very well. In fact, I think it is the smoothest running coil I have on any detector. It will take higher levels of Sensitivity & Threshold than either the 8" Concentric or the 5.7" DD. Very quick feeling, excellent small target response and separation & good depth. It doesn't handle the Iron as smoothly as the 8" Concentric but it still does very well. I like it better than the 5.7" DD.


Well-known member
JCRR TX, thank you for that report on the Super-Six. It is also one of the coils I plan to get. Smaller coils have been my most-used choice since '68 for the trasy places I have usually hunted. However I have been opting for a mid-size coil, such as a 5X8, 5X9.5 and similar, for the last 5 years for many places as a 'general-use' coil and very seldom use a standard or larger coil.

I do like a good Concentric design for areas of heavy iron and rusty tin.



Well-known member
Wish I could have gotten out more with the Vista X, been somewhat of a hectic past two months with some cold , snowy weekends recently. I really like the 8" concentric.


New member
Lovin' the X with the XS coil. Hit an old fairground site yesterday from the 1850's -80's. Lots of iron, hot rocks, and other trash. The analog sounds are amazing. I could tell amost every time what was under
the coil. Then when I hit a coin ... Bam! Knew immediately it was a coin. It was an Indian Head penny.

Still playing with the second disc setting on how best to use it in these trashing sites. Open for ideas on this one.

Keep the posts on the concentric coming. Would like to see a side by side against XS coil.


Well-known member
I normally run the Alt/second Disc to flip flop on a Nickle for relic sites. On a modern Al trash site to flip flop on a Zinc cent.


Well-known member
I run the original Deeptech Vista, and had the original bigger coil with it…I found it hard to hunt busy sites with it as the coil picked up too much at once….They had just come out with the Super Six coil, and I bought it right away….It now remains full time on my detector…Night and day difference on how much better this coil operates on this detector…Less noise at higher sensitivity, better separation, smoother operation all around like a different detector…I really don’t find the need for any other coils…