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a bullet, a knife and silver


Well-known member
I haven't posted here much as of late. I had zero time for detection but now that Fall is here (almost winter really), I had the time to go out once more. The finds included here are the result of four outings done this past month. Good targets are harder to find but I can still dig up a silver coin or two every time I go out. I find the small coil to be quite a performer in trash but I often feel I am at the limit in depth of what it can see. Often I will get a high tone on one side only and have it disappear completely and come back on another angle. I dig and a silver coin or copper penny pops up. Sometimes it's a rusty nail or piece of barbed wire. On deep targets I can't trust the ID that much either. I will put on the bigger standard coil one of these days and see if I'm letting some deeper targets pass me by.

All the silver coins here date from the 30's to the 60's with the exception of the "toasted" King Edward silver quarter which dates 1902-1910 (can't make out the date on this one). The knife was found on the forest ground and I didn't have to dig at all. The 303 bullet is an interesting find and it seems to have been made for the second world war in Canada for Canadian soldiers (from my research). What was it doing there ? No idea. I'm guessing someone used it to hunt deer. I wish the spoon was entirely silver but alas, it's silver plated by a company with a good reputation. I think it dates back to the 40's as well. Apart from these finds, I also recovered about two dozen pennies from the same years.

I'm hoping to go out again but winter has already hit us with particularly intense cold for this time. It's 10 Farenheit here today and the ground is already frozen solid. It should thaw out a little in the next few days.

I'm still using my Equinox 600 in park 1 with gain at 23-24 and recovery speed at 3. I also knock out any target with an ID of 10 or less. I occasionally press the horseshoe button to open up all targets especially if I suspect a target to be a rusty nail but I like to discriminate some of the noise out so I can stay sane and make sense of what I'm hearing.


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Wow! That’s a great day of hunting!
I have experienced the same thing as you with one way high tones. Iron tones in one direction then scanning back over from the opposite way and receiving ( for example) a 26,27 in TID. These are targets we don’t want to leave behind!

Often I will get a high tone on one side only and have it disappear completely and come back on another angle. I dig and a silver coin or copper penny pops up
Very nice finds cant make out the the date on the worn one.