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A Few NOX 800 Questions

How does the Nox compare to the Explorer series in terms of depth? I was a very proficient Explorer user and ran wide open, getting some great depth. I also heard a rumor that a certain major nationwide sporting goods store with a name that starts with a D and is a Minelab dealer has been known to honor their 20% off coupons on the Nox even though it’s on their list of non qualifying items for the coupon. Anyone here had any luck with this? Thanks for the replies.


Well-known member
Elevatorguy -- as a long-time (10 years) FBS user (Explorer SE Pro for 7 years, and then CTX for 3 more), I can confirm for you that I get equal, if not SLIGHTLY greater, depth with the EQX when set up properly, as I could from either the Explorer or the CTX (which both achieve roughly the same depth capability in my dirt). It takes time to learn it, and learn the nuances of what a really deep "good" target behaves like, on the EQX, but once you learn it, I think you will be pleased.



Staff member
Similar experiences as well Steve, where it excels beyond the others is target separation and I seem to be doing better on the small stuff. By small stuff I mean hammered coins and jewelry.
HH Jeff


Well-known member
Yep I owned the Etrac before my Nox just as good or better in my case in most of the type of hunting I do.
Finds have been incredible with the great recovery speed .


Well-known member
I’m in Connecticut and hunt areas that you mention

Thanks for the replies. Are most of you hunting schools, parks and areas like that? Anyone in the northeast? Thanks


Well-known member
I have used the Safari since they came out. It is an FBS and has superior depth. My 800 is just as good , and a whole lot more comfortable to swing much lighter. No more tennis elbow .
Thanks for all of the replies so far. I was going to buy a used Explorer SE Pro because I can pick it right up and start digging good targets immediately as I have a ton of time on the explorers and am very proficient with it. However, the swing speed and the lighter weight of the 800 are 2 things that I am very tempted by if the learning curve isn’t bad and the performance is at least equal to the SE Pro. As far as the major sporting goods store that sells the Nox, has anyone here had luck buying it there with the 20% off coupon? That would probably put me over the edge. Thanks again


Well-known member
Learning curve is not bad at all , once you learn the touch pad. It was no different than the learning curve on the Safari , maybe even easier. I still have the Safari (which is IMO an updated Explorer) same blueprint. I would still be using it if it were better balanced and lighter to swing. Nox also has backlight , waterproof, wireless, Etc. I am not a salesman . I just like my Nox 800. Ron


Well-known member
Thanks for the replies. Are most of you hunting schools, parks and areas like that? Anyone in the northeast? Thanks
I’m in Ct eastern ct
Thanks Mark. It’s interesting to hear the opinions on the Nox versus the Explorers. Minelab themselves say outright that the FBS machines have advantages in finding silver coins over the Nox in all conditions.

Tom Slick

Well-known member
"FBS machines have advantages in finding silver coins over the Nox in all conditions". I'd argue the "all conditions" part of that statement. Put a silver coin in with a bunch of iron such as in a ghost town, railroad siding, old home site, around old foundations, or anywhere else that's iron infested and the Nox will have the advantages in finding silver coins over the FBS detectors.


Active member
depends on the experience of a person using either detector...explains the never hunted out theory....experience and conditions and location and equipment..and a little luck....makes it or breaks it....
Never is written in stone on any detector being better than another....a metal detector detects metal...period......preference is the user.


Well-known member
Swinging over the right spot at the right time. Knowing your machine and having an ear to hear. Heard so many hunted out stories. You certainly need a lot of patience on iron infested sites. I am never in a hurry when I go out , especially knowing I can return to a certain site . I agree with Elmy as far as not written in stone . I have found many things with different brands and have used different brands at some of the same sites . Sometimes I will find something I may have missed sometimes I won't . Personal preference.
Agree with all, hinting the same field several times with same detector will always yield more finds in my experience. I always recommend that one searches a site at a 90 degree angle from the first pass, interesting how you will pick up more stuff that way. It needs to be a site yielding old items 5" or deeper for me to hunt twice, modern and silver always sing out either way.