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A Little Story About Silver Coins Buried In Jars


New member
Headed out for a little scouting mission to two parks nearby to each other in an old Cleveland neighborhood. Drove by the first park, which is kind'a secluded, and noted the name to research on the net. Called a friend and it turns out this is the oldest park in Cleveland from what he says. Not good, as I'm sure anybody who does that kind of research has long since pounded that place to death.

Headed over to the other park nearby and saw a guy metal detecting, so I parked and went over to talk to him. Turns out he was new to the hobby and using a cheap Bounty Hunter bought from a sporting goods store. Sure enough he was swinging about a foot off the ground, digging some rather nasty holes using a garden trowel, and so on. I asked him about the first park and he said him and his daughter were there one day when there was a bunch of gang members doing some kind of initiation, so it looks like that place is off limits unless I get there early in the morning.

Anyway, he had a good story. His family used to live in the oldest house on a street in Cleveland. Back when he was a kid his dad was going through a divorce and getting a little crazy, so he started burying jars of silver coins all over the property. He plans to go back and try to work out a deal with the current owners to split whatever he finds there. Hopefully he'll wait until he has more experience, as I'm sure he probably doesn't even understand that he'd need to use zero discrimination in case the jars had metal lids on them that would block the coin signal and read like iron.


New member
Hey story. Ive got one too. Back in the day my family members supposedly buried a 'still' in their back yard. The property was sold decades ago and the current owners are not interested in what my family has to say now. Oh well. Its fun to think what might be... HH. Matt


New member
Critterhunter, maybe you should offer to take him under your wing to show him how to use his new detector and dig properly.

Then, of course, you'd want to offer to go with him to help him find those jars so he wouldn't miss any of them.

You know, a "just trying to help" kinda thing.


New member
Thought about it. Did tell the guy how to keep his coil close to the ground and such, but really not in the mood to deal with hunting with him and his nasty plugs and such in different areas. Just don't feel like schooling somebody right now. Maybe if he had a better machine with some potential. Either way, you know how those stories go. His dad might have recovered those coins down the road after the divorce, or may not have buried as many jars as he thought. You know how things that happened when you were a kid get blown up bigger and bigger as the story is told years later. Not that I wouldn't love to try hunting that yard, but it just seems like a lot of effort when he might not even take me there after it's all said and done.


Active member
I routinly hit signals from old Mason jar lids that give a strong high signal and good VDI's. They were made of zinc. I always dig just a little bit lower if there are glass shards present.