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All-Metal mode deep signal detecting

Hey Folks,

Does anyone have any experience they want to share on hunting in all-metal mode with the Sov and then checking deep signals in discriminate?

I was out at a park recently that has produced old coins from the late 1800's, but some were down close to 10". Anyone who uses an 8 inch coil on the Sov knows that is really pushing the limit of the machine. Coins that deep do not sound off in the coin range, but only sputter a bit, indicating that it is not iron. Without digging these signals you can't know for sure what they are and they would be very easy to miss in disc mode if you are not swinging very very slow. However, in the all-metal mode they hit at a much faster swing speed. I found a couple of these coins last time out just using the all-metal mode and ignoring anything that did not sound 6+ inches in depth. I just installed a quick push-button on my handle to switch from all-metal to disc right in the middle of a swing to check these signals much quicker than having to flick the toggle switch on the housing each time.



New member
I am in NW Georgia and have a friend who used to hunt with a Sovereign... he fell on hard times and sold it, now uses a Tejon. We were talking the other day about the Sovereign and he told me he would hunt in the woods in AM with the Sovereign and dug minnies at 20" with the 10" BBS coil. He said that they would just cause a small change in the threshold. He said that his buddy was using an Explorer and could not hear them at all. The Sov is truly a great machine. I usually hunt in disc because of trash. The Soversign is the detector that David Keith uses and he also hunts in AM, and swears by it.
I am starting to try AM some though, I need to learn it. I only realized a couple of weeks ago that the AM mode is sort of a modified disc, that there is a cutoff point where the tones change in AM.

Where did you get a switch? Do you have a link? That is interesting.


Which is basically a waterproof Sovereign. If the target is deep, you will NOT be able to ID it in discriminate, because it won't pick it up. The All Metal (PP on the Excal) will detect and sound off on deeper targets than discriminate, so if it is truly a deep target, and only gives you a slight threshold change in AM, you will get nothing from it in Disc. HH Joe
The switch I used is just a push button that engages when pushed and then releases immediately after letting go. You can do this because the disc mode on the original model Sov I have engages with a closed circuit. This means when I am already in disc mode, pushing the button after that has no effect at all.



Well-known member
Hey Arthur,

Clive Clynicks book on the Sov gives a lot of info on all metal hunting. Thats the place I would recommend where you do some research.

The all metal mode is deeper and by quite a bit. I usually only use it when Im not getting any signals in disc, when we are sanded in here at the shore.
or if Im digging and loose my signal because the target has fallen out of the disc modes range.

One thing I remember Clive saying was to hunt in all metal and then check in disc and if there is no threshold change at all then to dig. this eliminates any smaller iron that is shallow, which would cause the sov to null, and at least you know youve got something real deep. and this bugger gets deep in all metal doesnt it:cheers: