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Anderson Travel Shaft for the CTX


Active member
I purchased the Anderson travel shaft for the CTX a few months ago because I wanted to be able to pack my machine into my hiking backpack to get to sites off the beaten path where it would be too cumbersome to hand-carry the machine in on a long hike. I paid full retail price from an authorized dealer. I have had the opportunity to use it twice for two long hike/hunts and I feel like I am able to provide you all an informed review.

First, I am impressed with how well built the carbon fiber shaft is. I am also happy with how it was packaged and the instructions were easy to follow. The Anderson coil shims are great and help keep your coil securely mounted to the shaft. The coil cable was mildly difficult to thread through the two parts of the shaft, however. The cable is particularly difficult to pop through the upper end of the shaft to connect it to the CTX. You have to push down on it near the coil and fish it out unless you tie a string and fishing weight on the end to make it easy (recommended).

The first issue I found was that the Anderson travel shaft does not turn easily inside of the CTX upper shaft. With both parts of the travel shaft fastened and the shaft mounted on the upper CTX shaft, the shaft locks with the coil skewed to the left (which makes your control screen skewed to the right of the coil). This makes your machine off-center, and is difficult for a right-handed person like myself. Please refer to the video to see what I mean.

Another thing that I do not like about the Anderson travel shaft is that the screw connection for the two pieces is not tight. It moves easily when you operate the machine. If you are swinging low on uneven ground, your coil tilts. If you hit a log or rock, your coil tilts. When you set your machine down horizontal on the ground, you guessed it, your coil tilts. Again, please see what I mean on the video.

The positive attribute for the Anderson travel shaft is that it is portable and easy to stow in a hiking pack or a carry-on bag. To their credit, the instructions do indicate that this shaft is not for daily use and should be used only for travel purposes. For someone who intends to fly with their CTX or backpack with it, then the Anderson travel shaft may be of use. However, I believe that the looseness of the screw connection and the tightness of the shaft in the CTX upper shaft is greater than the utility of easy travel that the shaft provides. In my opinion, the Anderson travel shaft is not worth the price tag and I do not recommend it. If I could return it, I would. Anderson does make some wonderful products (their regular CTX shaft is great) but the CTX travel shaft is NOT one of them.


Edited to insert the word "skewed" instead of my original word "cocked" which the filter for some reason bleeped out (another word for "skewed", starts with "c" and rhymes with "locked")


Active member
I found a lot has to do where that guide at the end of th shaft is located. Mine happened to be positioned so the guide went in where the shaft locks. I couldnt get the shaft out. I was lucky that the glue didnt hold and I popped the guide off. I tightened up the two piece, repositioned the guide and glued it in place. You are right it does like to come loose and move. Shame that handle cant be moved. So everything has to line up. Im goimg to remove that O ring and try a SS lock washer.