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Anyone else practice archery?


Well-known member


Well-known member
Never got into stick flinging, purely a lead lobber!!!! I have handgun hunted which in theory is close to archery (distance and stealth).


Well-known member
I miss bow hunting. But age caught up with me. My shoulders will no longer tolerate pulling a bow. I hunted with a compound but shot a custom made recurve just for fun. Even after flinging tens of thousands of arrows at a target with that recurve i never felt competent to deer hunt with it. Some days my accuracy was outstanding and some days the target laughed at me.


Well-known member
I miss, those long seasons of competitions shooting at 90,70,50 and 30 meters. My friends and the rest of the competitors. Sometimes we have more than 200 people in a competition competing for a podium.
Bow hunting is prohibited where I live now ... :shrug:


Well-known member
I hunted with Recurve bow's for many years. Still have 3 or 4 custom made bow's now. But I don't hunt or shoot anymore. I was in to Shooting Traditional bow's.

.I use a crossbow now used to use an old pse compound. The crossbow is much like a gun to 50 or 60 yards. Most of my takes are 30 yards and is quite effective. Most deer don't go more than 30 or 40 yards . The mechanicals they have now are deadly. I like it them for quick ethical kills.

The Lost Ring

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It is a sport that requires discipline like sailing. It has been very popular in recent years.

Coin Rescue Inc

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Back in 1960 when I was 10, our parents got us an archery starter kit. It was a straight fiberglass bow with arrows. I took to it.
I went hunting for game and snuck up on a cotton tail rabbit. Took my best shot and he was just a rabbit from then on. No more tail.😅
On my 13th birthday my dad took me to a professionial archery store and has me sized up for a 30 lb recurve and lessons.
Back then there were no sights for aiming. It was all instinct. Three finger release with a glove and arm protector
Yesterday was my birthday. Let's see, that was 59 years ago.
That summer in '63 i purchased a fishing arrow set up with a string and spool and went to the lake. Saw a blue gill swimming in the shallows. Bullseye on the first shot. Later my cousin and I would take the row boat and line up to let the wind push us into the lilly pad area where the gar pike hang out. I would stand up on the middle seat legs spread for balance. It was like shooting at hammer handles. I would get 3 or 4 a day.
As time moved on i out grew that bow but not the memories..
Over the years I had 3 compound bows. A Ben Pearson, an Oneida and now a Diamond Bow Tech I fitted with a hollographic site.
I have a crossbow too.
I have not participlated though since my back surgey in 2017. 🤔. Got me wonderin if i still can? 🎯


Well-known member
I've always fancied a go with an old English longbow.......there are many craftsmen in the uk making bows to the same specs as the medievil longbows that were so devastating to enemy armies.A six foot bow with a draw weight of 150 pounds could fire an arrow over 300 yards which is quite amazing when you see that the arrow is quite heavily made.......the energy they imparted must have been quite something.