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Anyone using CZ's to beach hunt

Joseph in Alabama

Active member
Hey guys
Know several on here uses CZ's to beach hunt...
Wwould appreciate any info on how to set to 8" coil good to use or should I get a 10-1/2...
My only experience with the CZ is land hunting...thanks joe


Most metal detector manufacturers seem to think we need larger size coils these days. Almost all new brands now come equipped with larger size coils. If you want the extra coverage and depth then go with the 10-1/2. But larger coils have some real disadvantages. There's the extra weight on your arm and they'll be a lot hard to push through the water. They are harder to pinpoint with especially in rough water. I'm considering a new CZ-21 after trying several other brands. I'm going to get the 8" coil. I had the 8" before and really liked it, ...a lot less masking in those real trashy areas.


Active member
The CZ series of detectors use dual frequency's and are excellent beach detectors.
The CZ 20 and CZ 21 are right up there with the Excalibur in salt water.
I have put them head to head and could not see a clear winner.

Any multi-frequency detector (CZ, DFX, Minelab, and others) will be more stable and work better in and around salt water
than a single frequency detector.


New member
CZ5 is great on the wet sand(waterline) and obviously on the dry sand with either 8 or 10.5 coils. Hip mount works great.
I use a CZ21 with stock coil and have great results, nice tone identification,
I have the older version and the pinpoint button is smaller and sometimes doesn't work but does find treasure. I also have it hip mounted
makes hunting long hours easier. Just bought a Excalibur II from a hunting buddy, still trying it out, but air test for what that may or not be indicator of have about the
same range in inches on same targets.


New member
I use a larger coil and run on 0/Auto tune DISC setting.
I have yet to detect on a salt water beach.
The beaches around here are fairly clean, so I also run with a higher sensitivity.
Good luck and happy hunting!


Well-known member
The CZ was my go to detector for beach hunting for years.
I mostly use the Equinox now except when the EMI is bad then I switch to the CZ


Out on the west coast the cz3d works well
In the damp black sand beaches
Also, you can hip mount the control box
. The 10 in coil does
Feel heavy after a while though, even just on the rod, a counter weight on the arm cup
Does help
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