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Big Silver Weekend! / 1941 Chauffeur License Badge / Wiped Shield Nickel / 1897 Brunswick Token


Well-known member
I hit it hard this weekend with detecting buddy James and hunted at a bunch of researched public sites that I thought may still hold some old finds. All finds shown were made with the Minelab E-trac + SEF 10x12 Coil. The hot humid weather was brutal at times but I had a big cooler with ice and drank a lot of water and kept going. The Franklin half dollars were found at different sites. The 1962 half was a pocket spill with a 1944 silver quarter. The 1898 Barber Quarter was exactly straight up and down in the hole @ about 8 inches. When I first scraped the dirt
off I thought it was a ring but then instantly knew it was an old quarter when I pulled it out. The worn out shield nickel was found at the same site about 10 feet away from the quarter. That coin was so smooth and worn I first thought it was some electrical punch-out,
but once I saw the vertical bars I kept cleaning with my nickel date restore and actually got the date. 1867. The 1929 mercury dime was vert deep (about 10 inches).
The last signal I dug on Sunday was that Chauffeur Badge. It was only about 3 inches but was giving me 12-40 Numbers so I knew it wasn't just a new penny. I have been wanting to find one of these for a while and this is my first one.
Thanks for looking!

Coin Finds
1952,1962 half dollars
1898,1908,1942,1942,1944 quarters
1929.1945,1963 dimes
1867,1929,1944,1945 (2 silver war nickels)
1893,1895,1907 Indian Head Pennies
24 Wheat Pennies (1 is a 1913s which is a good year)
1942 Canadian Penny

Non Coin Finds
1941 MN Chauffer License Badge
"Superior" Hand Saw Emblem
"One Crown" Token
1897-1900 Brunswick Merchant Token
Top of an old lighter
Large Religious Medal
Small Buckle
Thin Hair Tie Pin
Trumpet Button


Well-known member
We had a couple of elevators in the town I grew up in...I found quite a few of those chauffeur badges around them way back when....GREAT HUNT !


Well-known member
Me too...everyone had a number on it....never looked them up....I was just a kid then...running a wilson/newman usika chief metal detector and killing the silver....wasn't much into anything else I dug then....another mistake I wished I had looked into....grandpa was one of those chauffeurs as were many from around the area....I have been told anyway. Did find a cast iron indian about 8 inches tall...just like the life size wooden indians at the tobacco stores.