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Bucketlister for me anyways...


Active member
Found these two last weekend with the Deus. My first US Civil War era coin. I was shocked to see the date. What a great feeling to save these. These were about 50 feet from one another on a brand new house and lot (not in the fill dirt). The 1864 was behind their backyard property (wooded area) while the 1889 was 6-7 inches underneath their mulch. Would it be sort of safe to say these were most likely dropped in 1890's and onward? Always fascinating to speculate!

Happy hunting!




Well-known member
I try to keep track of coin spills; I think it is about the only way to get a clue when things were lost. I've found seated coins with barber, and I think once with a mercury dime. I think Indian Heads circulated well into the 1940s, and doubtful people were picking out and saving the older ones.

Congrats on the find.



Well-known member
ynnek4 said:
Would it be sort of safe to say these were most likely dropped in 1890's and onward?


It's always fun to consider who handled/dropped the old coin...
What was going on in history at that moment in time?
...and then connect to that person by being the next person to touch/handle the coin.



Well-known member
Nice Indians - congrats !

Yes, it's always a thrill to think about who dropped the coin, who they were, what were they doing when the dropped it and what events took place during the coins mint date.
Finding coins dated from 1861 to 1865 always makes me feel more in touch with the Civil War era - metal detectors really are time machines !

Good Hunting !


Those are in Great Shape! Congrats on a Bucket Lister!!! Did you clean them, or was they that good?

Mark kus

Well-known member
Sweet Indian!!!


Active member
Thanks everyone for the replies! These were truly unexpected finds. This is a professionally landscaped yard less than a year old. Does not scream "detect me!." I just figured I would bring the Deus to do some casual swinging not expecting to find really anything. I will say that I had previously found the obligatory old spoon (5-7" underneath their mulch), harmonica reed, and bullet shells with a CTX 17" so I had an inkling there may be something on their property. I figured I may find some Wheaties but out popped the 1864 and then the next day the 1889 (underneath their mulch). I remember actually just laughing when I pinpointed the 1864. Could not believe it. I was actually debating bringing the Deus but boy am I glad I did!

About an hour after I found the 1889 this guy made an appearance so we called it a day.:surprised:


Active member
timwied said:
Those are in Great Shape! Congrats on a Bucket Lister!!! Did you clean them, or was they that good?

Those pictures of them are pretty much how they came out.

I did run them underneath some water and used a soft brush later to clean them up a bit. I was actually surprised the 1864 had some nice detail to do it. You can almost make out "Liberty" on it.


Active member
woody said:
Really nice finds. Probably more to be found.

That is my thought too. I just got a HF coil so I may need grid off their backyard.


It's nice to find some old ground. Go back after a rain and search that ground again. There are more items hidden under and near what you have just found. Peace Roy


Has that beautiful 1864 IH got the "L" on it?