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Can anyone comment on the 7.5x4?


I'm guessing cherry picking with this little sniper coil is loads of fun. Can anyone comment on its use with the multi kruzer?


Well-known member
First let me just comment that you only gave folks about an hour to read and reply and some don't get to the forums too often, especially if they work. Also, way too many Hobbyists do not invest in accessory search coils, and that's sad because often a search coil choice can make a big difference in success afield.

Okay, now to that little elliptical coil:

A lot of buying knowledge for extra coils should be based on the types of detecting you do and the site environment and search challenges you're going to be dealing with. People shouldn't just buy a particular coil just because one person likes it, nor should they avoid that coil because another person doesn't like it. All search coils can serve a purpose, so match the coil for the particular want or need.

I got my first 4X7½ DD coil in January of '17 with a Nokta Impact and it's the same coil [size=small](with a different cable length)[/size] that is available for the Kruzer, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio series detectors. Generally, I liked the looks of the 4X7½ configuration and I don't mind a good-working Double-D type coil. I hoped it might work well for me in my more challenging sites, and those are very iron contaminated, dense nail infested railroad ghost towns and other older sites that date from about 1850 to 1930. Most also have a lot of rusty tin to deal with, but it is the volume of closely-spaced nails and other iron debris that makes them tough to hunt in.

I was going to be putting the Impact and 4X7½ DD up against my two most worthy Relic Hunting devices, my FORS CoRe with the small, Double-D 4.[size=small]7[/size]X5.[size=small]2[/size] 'OOR' coil and my FORS Relic with the round 5" DD mounted. Some of my Relic Hunting sites are not as littered as others and easier for many detectors and practical search coils to handle, but the toughest ones are the make-or-break places I enjoy. I also put in whatever urban Coin Hunting I can like the majority of the metal detecting Hobbyists.

My results: The 4X7½ DD coil works very well for modest to heavily littered modern Coin Hunting sites. I use it in and around covered picnic bowery's where common trash seems to get discarded, and around other common sites that were trashy. You know, the occasional bottle cap, pull-tab, pry-tab, screw cap, various sizes of foil, etc., and working in and around some playground equipment, bushes and the like. It handles those things fine with the Multi-Kruzer, too.

Now, if you intend to use if for some serious Relic Hunting type sites with a lot of iron nails and other dense ferrous debris, then I would suggest the round 5" DD. Trust me, it is the superior coil between these two for dealing with a dense iron nail contaminated site. After what we called a 'tough challenge' using a smaller and thinner 1836 Capped Bust Half-Dime in place of an Indian Head Cent using my Nail Board Performance Test using the 4X7½"" on the Impact and compared with several different models from White's, Tesoro, Fisher and Teknetics using their smaller coils, and the Makro Racer and Racer 2, Nokta FORS Relic and FORS CoRe, with their smaller 'OOR' and 5" DD coils, the Impact and 4X7½ DD came in terribly last compared with the Tesoro's, Racer, Racer 2, Relic and CoRe. The CoRe w/OOR DD coil was the best performer on that tough side-by-side Tough Test Oregon Gregg & I did, hitting 8-out-of-8 and the Relic was 7-out-of-8 followed by the Racer's w/5" getting just about as good 7-of-8, then the Racer's w/'OOR' managing 6-of-8 possible, and the 4X7½ did 4-out-of-8 and kind of an almost a 5th out -of-8.

I discussed the results after a quick call from Dilek and soon they had a 5" DD for the Impact for me to evaluate. It matched the Relic's performance of 7-out-of-8 and got a thumbs-up. They put it into production and I worked that 5" DD on a Multi-Kruzer in a similar very tough comparison. It also did well and easily out-performed the 4X7½ DD in that comparison as well.

Low to moderate or slightly more trash and the 4X7½ does OK, but in a really challenging environments, if you want smaller coil performance, go with the 5" DD. Otherwise, for typical day-to-day Coin Hunting type applications the 4X7½ DD is an OK coil selection.

Just my experiences and biased view based upon applications.



New member
I did some depth tests on a buried coin in the back garden with this coil. I am sad to say i could not get even a whisper on a large coin at 3 -to 4 inches.
The stock coil got the coin easily. The ground is contaminated with iron bits though..
I used it with a Multi Kruzer and a Gold Kruzer. For me it was a phenomenal coil. It hit on my 10" test dime. I used it the lakes and did well with it.

My ground is mild which helps.

Nel Snake coil 3 1/2" x 6" was great also on my T2.