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Coils For The G2


Active member
What aftermarket coils work for the G2? Thinking about the CORS Scout or the 11x12 Superfly. Anyone running these? Are they any better than the 11 inch Biaxial?
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What aftermarket coils work for the G2? Thinking about the CORS Scout or the 11x12 Superfly. Anyone running these? Are they any better than the 11 inch Biaxial?
One of my current detectors is the Fisher F-19 Ltd. which is in the same 'family' as your G2. I used the G2 when first introduced for a couple of years but prefer the F-19 / G2+. Is your unit the original G2 or the G2+? Just curious, but they
share the same coils. Seldom have I really enjoyed an aftermarket coil on any make or model but there are a couple of exceptions. I had a Tek. T2+ and never liked the 11" BiAxial coil (or any similar-looking and sized coils like it from other manufacturers on their detectors), so I kept a 5" DD or 5X9¾ elliptical on the T2+. Usually the 5" because I hunted very trashy sites.

Then I was urged to get a Superfly and check it out. I decided to and honestly I liked the Superfly's weigh and balance and performance because I did mount the 11" BiAxial for side-by-side comparisons. I had to change up to some urban old city parks to have some open areas with minimal masking trash, but I liked the Superfly better. Maybe not a big difference in depth, I just liked it better. Why is it you are interested in a Superfly or CORS Scout? Are you mainly looking for depth in less trashy sites? What type of hunting will you use it for?

I only have the stock 5X9¾ DD mounted on my F-19 Ltd. and am looking for a new 5" DD for it to take on more cluttered sites. The F-19 / G2 & G2+ are good units, or I wouldn't have one, but they ar at their best for working very dense trash and confined areas, and also better for lower-conductive targets due to their 19 kHz frequency. They are not known for their depth-of-detection and my 14 kHz original Racer with the little 4.7X5.2 DD coil get as good or better depth than my F-19 Ltd. with the mid-size coil. My Multi-IQ Vanquish 540 w/5X8 DD also gets better depth-of-detection than the F-19 w/mid-size coil. My F-19 is the last unit in my entire detector team that I would pick if I was interested in getting good depth in a mild to clean area. But in trashier places where they work well, for unmasking and not getting depth, it can do wonderous things. Just my personal experiences as I wrap up 58 years of detecting soon.



Active member
Hello Monte! I picked the NEL Hunter 12.5 x 8.5" DD. I would like a little depth in good ground. Had the 1st G2 and 1st Gold Bug years ago. The G2 I have now came with the 5X9¾ elliptical that I will wade into the iron with. Had the 11" BiAxial coil in the past and it
did well, found eagle buttons in heavy nails at 8" with it. I use the Superfly on my X-Terra and it works well as a general field coil. I like the 18kHz coils the most for lead and brass.