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Coming to the End of the Road


Well-known member
Gents need some help need to make a big decision due to my age and surgeries .Time is closing in on me due to being 80 and 10 major surgeries back,neck,complete right shoulder replacement ,now left shoulder is giving me fits .Hmmmm have to do something quick :look: Here it is Gents I have two detectors in pristine shape # 1 have a very nice F-5 Fisher with a new Nel 9.5" x 5"d.d. coil,works outstanding,also bought a new Simplex with the large coil have not used it only checked it out with coins in back yard that was one year ago. Have been in and out of hospitals all this time and never had a chance to hunt with it however did notice one thing the coil is heavy to swing with my weak right shoulder :thumbdown: It works great lots of depth tried to adjust it ,but still to heavy for me only option is to get that 9.5"x 5" d.d. coil. Well, guys looks like it would behoove me to stick with one detector since my time is limited.Have to make a decision as to sell one :huh::shrug:,so gents help :help: which one should I keep ??? Thanks gents,cjm


Well-known member
C.J.M., trust me, I know where you're at in ife. With over 56 years of very avid detecting, it is very tough to reach the point where I want to hang it up, and I've been at or near that point several times over the past9 years of ailments, injuries, surgeries, and continued pain.... and I had to make an adjustment to trim my outfit to detectors that are light-weight, easy-to-handle, comfortable, and while limited in search time I can still get in 15 to 30 minutes. Painful, but it hurts to do other things as well, so I do what I enjoy.

Detectors: You currently have two models that I happen to like. I ended last year with a brand new Fisher F5 and used a 7" Concentric coil on it which was very comfortable. I lke whatthe F5 can do as it ha more adjustment control than many people think, and the performance is really good. However, in trimming my detector outfit I had to let it go and the only reason was it had a somewhat top-hevy feel at times, and I don't like the headphone jack location. I also have the Simplex +, and for now I kept it in my Detector Outfit, but that's only because I keep the 5X9½ DD, their SP24, mounted full-time. The standard 11" DD is in my Accessory Coil Tote should I need it, but since mounting the 5X9½ open-frame DD it hasn't come off.

I do have my two very light-and-handy Tesoro microMAX models that each keep a 6" Concentric mounted, and I made the change in my primary-use detector which is also quite comfortable, and that is the Garrett Apex with the 5X8 DD 'Ripper' coil mounted full-time. In 2018, March, I tore ly left rotator-cup, then in April, a month later, I had a fall and tore my right rotator-cup and injured my already bad neck. That following August I had cervical spine surgery to take care of a couple of disks and fuse some vertebrae, so after that I started to mend I began trimming my detectors. A little at a time as I thought I might recover more, but I didn't, and won't, so it was time to part with some long-time favorites.

You'll need to handle them a little and decide what is the more comfortable for you, and for what hunting you'll be able to do, then go from there. On my TID units I first grab the Apex, and I also grab my XP ORX which is very light and handy, but while the Simplex + is the heavier of the three, all of them work. Of the two models you mention, they work, but I'd opt for the Simplex +, and in doing so wish you the best of success and also wish you all the best dealing with health issues.



Well-known member
Thank you gents for the advise old age is not for wimps.I hate to let go ,but the f-5 does not have a beach hunt mode then again the f-5 is a silver killer(y)I think now days money is tight when it comes to selling a detector.Oh well time will tell.cjm

Monkeys Uncle

Well-known member
Fisher - yes. Simplex - no. Now, get well and get to swinging!

ETA - for similar reasons, I've hung up my Etrac and switched to a Vanquish. Weight and simplicity were the main reasons....and I haven't regretted it.


Well-known member
You need to decide for yourself which unit provided the best experience for you. If you’re comfortable with the F5 then I would go with that. Even if you get out for 30-45 minutes an outing it beats sitting in a chair and looking out a window!!!


Well-known member
You need to decide for yourself which unit provided the best experience for you. If you’re comfortable with the F5 then I would go with that. Even if you get out for 30-45 minutes an outing it beats sitting in a chair and looking out a window!!!
Yep,I am not done yet there is still life in this old body man I have seen it ALL:thumbup: Spend 4 years in the USMC:usmc:and 6 years in law enforcement if people could only see what I have seen in this world:blink: I am having second thoughts as to my situation I am not the type to sit at home even with 10 major surgeries -------Hmmmm maybe I should keep both detectors for a while:twodetecting:


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