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CTX 3030 Boot Camp


Active member
I am far right kneeling.


New member
We can not wait to go there, next weekend is our bootcamp in Portage since there aren't any here in Canada this is the closest for us to attend. Got my new CTX for a week now so at least I can get used to the menu and setting before we go, even though some things are similar to my eTrac. Last couple of outings I got many pennies hotwheel cars, some modern clad and even some US coins including about 5 wheat pennies.


Well-known member
You will enjoy bootcamp. If they have another in knoxville I may sign up and go again


Great weekend ant the Portage Bootcamp!! I must say that Andy, and his wife Charlene, are wonderful and amazing people! Andy has an attitude of gratitude, and is a genuine nice guy, who enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge of metal detectors and metal detecting! The morning (8am to 12:30pm working lunch) was spent on mastering the CTX, by gaining a solid understanding of its controls, and how they interact with each other, to understanding patterns and how to use/create them. I found the most important part of the course for me was learning how ground mineralization effects the CTX, and how to compensate for it, and how to "dial in" the CTX for maximum performance, whether your in Florida or Ontario, Canada! The afternoon (1pm to 5pm) was out in the field, putting into action what we learned in the classroom. From there, Andy spent time with each of us, until we were able to show proficiency in the operation of the CTX, by "dialing in" the CTX for maximum performance, and confident in what to dig, what was a questionable dig (Andy suggests to dig it anyway, unless cherry picking or time being an issue. If time is the issue, mark the spot by using the CTX gps "FindPoint" function to go back and dig later), and what not to dig. Some interesting finds came out of the park we used for the in-field session was an 1847 Seated Dime, that had been made into a love token! When we got back to the hotel (and after the course ended) Andy asked konas62 to bring him the Canadian clad that he brought, and Andy began working (and showing us how to create a pattern and modes) on a pattern/mode for our Canadian clad. It took Andy a good 30 minutes, as he worked through several $2 coins $1 coins, all the way down to nickels, from different years, until he was satisfied with the pattern/mode (he is a perfectionist when it came to this).
Thank you Andy (and Charlene) for a very informative course, that has made me feel confident in using my CTX anywhere and any place! You guys rock!!

(In the picture, I am on the left, and konas62 is on Andy's right)


Great course today Andy!!!! A couple of things to mention... I would have a critique at the end to help with new ideas. Also would ad some video clips with audio of "iffy" target. Obviously its easy with clean targets, but the key is getting the finer tips on those " not so clean" targets. Thanks again, look forward to the periodic news letter.


New member
I agree that it was a great course today. I only wish it was on a Saturday, but that is not you fault. Both you and your wife are great people you are an excellent instructor. I agree with the video comment. But the course is well Worth the price and recommend it to everyone.


New member
I'd like to take their class as well but ladt time I checked I didn't see any being given in the Portland ORE area or Pacific NW.

Sure would be great if they had a video version of the class that covers everything, iffy targets etc. I bet it would be a great seller everywhere for folks with the CTX that can't make it to a class. That would be a very interesting video to have, I wonder if that would be considered? Just an idea :)

One guy I hunted with occassionally was at an older local park where we've found silver coins from time to time, he saw a guy all decked out in Minelab close from head to toe so he started talking to him and and the man said he was a "Pro" (whatever that means lol) and apparently he IS because he showed my friend 9 silver coins he'd found in that 1 park on his 1st ever hunt in ot, he was from out of town visiting, we'll we've hunted this park and everyone I've hunted with around here was quite suprised by the fact he'd found 9 in one hunt, we've all found a few here and there, but the man told my friend it's just a matter of learning how to listen for those coin shaped tones and knowing that silver does not always giver those higher silver TID numbers, and obviously it takes lots of experience nd in my year and a half hunting with the CTX I obviously have NOT acquired said experience, but I sure would like to be able to get the most out of my CTX!

I've managed to find my deepest silver dime am next to oldest (1915, oldest was 1914 barber a week before) barber at 11 inches, using the 17 inch coil and it was very iffy!!! But I dug it and was rather shocked when I saw the barber shining up at me. If I could only do that consistently I would feel great!!! Some have scoffed at me when I told them how deep that coin was, I measured it and the hole was to the top of my lesche, those scoffers, 1 being a man that's detected over 50 years now and a very well respected man in the field, use Whites detectors with small coils, but it didn't matter, I was very impressed by the depth I got with that trash can lid sized coil, now if only I can master it!!!

Sorry for the ramble, got carried away by how amazing and helpful the classes sound and went into dream mode of the day I learn how to take advantage of my CTX.

Jason in Enid

Active member
Any word on when a list of dates and locations for 2016 will be ready?


New member
The list of 2016 dates are available and are posted through June.. July's date will be up soon.. You can find the list at look under schedules for the list....

Happy Hunting
Charlene Sabisch
Treasure Hunting Outfitters
“Experience the Thrill of Uncovering Lost Treasure!”


New member
JoeinMemphis said:
Here is the site with dates and places. Definitely a worthwhile experience.

It would probably be a worthwhile experience that pays off in the long run.


Just spoke to Charlene Sabisch about possibly holding a CTX 3030 Boot Camp somewhere on the West Coast. She indicated at this time there were no concrete plans to do so. However, there is a conversation with a Northern Nevada Club about the possibility of holding a Boot Camp. Sounded like if there was enough interest in a CTX 3030 Boot Camp here in Northern Nevada, it might happen.


Active member
You will LOVE IT! Very informative.


Well-known member
Look forward to being there..