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Daytona Beach find


Staff member
Once I found a State of Virginia civil war button in the State of Kansas in someone's front yard where there were no civil war battles near by.

Kansas did experienced some civil war battles but it was very near to the state line of Missouri and Oklahoma. The button was found far from both state lines.


Very cool TechBill. Just the type of response I am looking for. I guess in both of our cases the owners may have just relocated to the area.


Well-known member
As people travel around this nation they lose things. I found a Challenge Coin from the Air Force Academy in Vidalia GA and one from an Upstate New York Air National Guard Unit on Folly Island SC. Found another from a Marine Unit in Afghanistan here locally.

Florida Son

Lost Challenge coin? Those guys will have to buy all the drinks.


Just affirms what I tell people on the beach, you never know what you will dig up out here. Thanks for the reply George!


Active member
I found the Civil War button from the 1840s in the center of Fort Lauderdale Beach . Go figure.

Viva detectorados!


I remember you telling me that. Google forts in Fort Lauderdale and you will find that there were several forts built near the beach in the time period of your button. Nice, historic find!


New member
Daytona can sometimes bring up Military Rings from the 20s and 30's. It makes me think that the beach must have been a popular military destination. I have seen beautiful military signet rings found there. I have never found one but when the holes open up they sometimes come up.

mike k.

Dug this badge on Daytona Beach Research indicates that it is an army crest for the 6252nd general hospital near San Diego. Wonder how it got here which leads me to the question: How many of you have found items that just don't seem to belong to the area?
Ive found a few civil war buttons, up here in Cambridge , Ontario , Canada . Ive even found a rev war button (with an elephant on it ) Im thinking maybe these came from deserters , who fled north away from the battles ? - mike


Active member
I found the Civil War button from the 1840s in the center of Fort Lauderdale Beach . Go figure.

Viva detectorados!
It was the Seminole Indian wars (Florida)
The First Seminole Indian Wars ...............1816-1819
The Second Seminole Indian wars......... 1835-1842
The Third Seminole Indian Wars .............1855-1858
At one time half the U.S Military was in Florida fighting in these wars.
Andrew Jackson was the biggest instigator of these wars.
Florida seen very little of the Civil War Battles &
when they did it was more in the panhandle Pensacola, Tallahassee,& Jacksonville areas, But
Florida was the largest supplier of beef & salt to the confederacy.

Florida secede from the Union January 10, 1861

Nothing fills me with deeper
sadness than to see a
Southerner apologizing for the
defense we made of our
Inheritance. (Jefferson Davis)
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Active member
One more thing the Forts in Florida are from the Indian Wars
Not the Civil War.
During the Indian wars there was as many as 200 forts in Florida
mostly a days march from each other
About 20 miles.


Good point Vesuvius. I have also seen old Daytona Beach postcards of Women’s Army Corp soldiers drilling on the sand. It has been a destination since the 1880s. I did find a Barber V nickel dated 1891 on the beach.

Awesome finds Mike K. Bet there is quite a story behind those buttons.

Spot on u2robert. There were a couple Indian war forts on or near the beach In Fort Lauderdale. Still pretty amazing to find a button from that era in the Fort Lauderdale sand.

Thanks for all the great replies.