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DF coil question


New member
Hi guys
I'm hoping somebody out there might have a schematic of the whites DF coil. I have two of them and was thinking of trying to eliminate the inner coil.Its just for hunting the beaches with my TDI PRO.



New member
Don't have a schematic,if you remove small coil it wont work very good.that will change inductance.
mono pi coils are easy to make.Measure the inductance,make a 11-5/8 templet that's the forum it's wound
on.Useing same inductance as 12 DF coil,(experment) wind one coil untill you get same inductance
as DF coil,leave coil on template try it out see how it works.
If i rember right pin 5 goes to one side of coil pin2 and 3 goes to shield and other side of coil.
Some one might give you more help.
Good luck.


New member
Thanks Frank
Ya I'm not sure if the two coils are wired in series, parallel, or have individual inputs to the board.
Maybe somebody will jump in here, with the pin configuration. Then I can either modify the DF Coil or try your idea.
Thanks again!


New member
Take the DF coil connector end, draw it on paper it has 5 pin numbered 1 to 5.
Draw a line from pin 2 & 4 they are 2 might be shield.
Draw a line from pin 4 with a lope in it to pin 5 this is the coil.
I made a coil like this for SL TDI it worked.It has a 12'' DFcoil.
Check inductance pin 4 & 5, check inductance pin 2 & 5 they should be the same.
if you make a coil use same inductance.
good luck.


New member

Thanks for the info Frank, I did
find this little schematic. Hopefully
I'll be able to accomplish this
project now.



New member
If you opean the DF coil will you post inductance in MH of each coil and if there are cap's
in coil.


New member
Sorry Frank, I just ordered the OZ mono from whites. So I won't be opening up the DF Coil. But I do want to thank you Frank for your help.

Happy Hunting


New member

I received an email from a Geo located in Greece who took a 7 1/2" TDI dual field coil apart and sent this info.

"This time I don't remember the resistance of coils but the inductance of outside coil is 230uH and from the inner is 65 uh. Total inductance is 360uh (meter reading but I suppose that it is near to 330uh). Parallel to small (inner) coil there is a resistance 4K7. Outer coil has 22 turns and inner has 19 turns (maybe to have an error of 1 turn)."

There are no capacitors in a PI coil.



I am curious about the BeachHunter TDI coil and how it may differ from the DF coil that looks very similar.
I would like to see if either would be worthwhile for my Minelab GP Extreme. I have a spare DF coil and am making a go-between in-line cable assy.
I need something waterproof. The Minelab 10" mono works nicely but I'm thinking it is not waterproof.
I'm not diving with it obviously but could get knee deep (after I figure out how to safeguard the GP Extreme housing).

If someone has a TDI stock coil perhaps with a cable issue and would sell cheap I'd be interested.