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Disconnect problem

I've had this problem for almost 2 years. The CTX will be working fine then I suddenly realize I'm not picking up signals. Same problem when I change coils. Have sent to ML twice. They send it back saying no problem found but it typically does not begin until I'm 30 minutes into a hunt so I can see why they can't find it. I'm suspicious there's a problem where the connector on the processor hooks to the coil. This machine is too expensive to have to keep sending back. Help! (ps wont come through w/o speakers either so no problem there).


Well-known member
I’m not sure how much heat the electronics in a CTX generates, but we see this problem manifest itself in auto repair at times as well, particularly in SOLDER TRACES. What you can try in the meantime is to take apart the connectors for the coil AND the one next to it that goes to the display and spray them thoroughly with DEOXIT. Do the same with the connectors on the coils as well. Inspect the pins on the connectors for ANY sign of corrosion, no matter how minute....ESPECIALLY if it has been around salt.
The machine will lose sensitivity even just sitting inside running for a half hour, correct? NO signal reported at ALL from ANY distance at ANY sensitivity?


Well-known member
If the machine is still covered for another year demand a new machine it's not your problem it's there's .Tell them when new machine comes you will send this back for (THIRD) time if they can't fix which they had 2 times already then the machine is not fixable . Demand a new machine use your rights . sube
Guys sorry I'm late getting back to yall. Took it back out yesterday before deciding whether to send back(for 4th time) Same problem. I purposely let it run for 20" on table then 20" sitting up. No problems at all. Then about 20 minutes into hunt quit relaying sounds when passing object. I'm putting it this way because it send objects to the controller fine with the VDI#. but no sound whether or not using phones. I think the reason ML is having problems determining problem is because it has to be swung about 20 minutes before it stops relaying a sound. When I brought it back home was still having problem. Wont relay a coin but will show signal fine. Trying to decide what to do because unlike some machines costs a fortune to send back. Sube unfortunately my warranty ran out couple of years ago. I run it and the Deus because they complement each other so well each doing some things the other does better. I know the EQ is a great machine but was obviously created to compete with the DEUS. What I would like to see is a new FBS machine w/o so many bells & whistles that could be easily adjusted in the field rather than your PC. Just MO. thanks. PS IDX I agree that it sounds like some kind of connection issue.


Well-known member you have the headphone module attached to the back of the machine above the battery? Or do you run without it? If it is on the machine, try taking it off. If it is off(and you still have it) try putting it on. See if that makes any difference with the sound just coming out the external speaker. I’m assuming you’re using phones and the WM10 normally?
IDX it disconnect with or w/o the speaker attached and the WM 10 is fine. Runs good till I've swung it several minutes. Talked to a ML dealer "guru" and we think we either have a loose sound connection in the processor or possibly a circuit board going out. If its that will have to make some decisions. Thanks for your help.


Well-known member
I hope they sort it out LT, if I had to be without my CTX for long it would suck pretty bad, they’re really good at what they do.
IDX and Sube got machine back from factory yesterday. As I had suspected bad cable connector on the controller. Dan said didnt see this very often. Expensive but better than a bad computer panel. Thanks.


Well-known member
Awesome that you have your baby back LT! And props to Dan for finding and confirming the issue, sometimes that stuff can be a pain to even diagnose, not to mention repair effectively. Onward and upward!🤠