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In my test garden(gb around 55) i have a .58 cal 3 ringer buried at 9 inches. In BP 2TF sensitivity at 95 i have to sweep over it 10-15 times just to get a small "chirp" and t.he VD.I stays at 12-13. I can go to all metal and i do hear it but the VDI stays aroun 12-13 and jumps to around 90 maybe once every 20 sweeps over it. Is this normal? I hear of guys digging minies at 10-12" but in disc id never even hear a minie in the ground and in AM itd read iron. Thanks in advance


New member
what is your other settings like the notch ? something is not right it should be sharp and clear tone


what part of the country do you live in, i live in northern ca and here i only get about 6 to 8 inches on coins with my f75 se lots of iron in our soil and it ground balances around 55 to 60 hh


Well-known member
If your test garden is fairly new, your F75 will not do very good. After a couple of years it should respond like a natural buried target.

Ron in WV

jim tn

Well-known member
You have some tough ground over there in E Tn. I've dug a few that deep over here in W Tn, (g b +/- 65) but by tone only. Vdi is real jumpy. How old is your test garden? HH jim tn


Ive dug few deep targets with my F75 that ID-ed good. All my deeper targets bounce in and out of ferrous and nonferrous. If the depth meter is pegged and it pinpoints the right size I will dig it. If a deep target hits steady as iron with a high confidence meter I usually move on.


New member
How is the EMI where you buried the bullet?
At times if EMI is bad you can loose a lot of ground depth.

Justin E

New member
As a fellow East Tennessean, I can attest to the nature of the soil. It is pretty rough, especially to dig that red clay. I haven't ran a Fisher or Teknetics over any, yet. Hopefully I will be able to get one this summer. Which part are you in? I'm in Jefferson Co.


New member
I'm not so sure it's your Tn soil at all. Actually I think it's interesting everyone uses the soil as an excuse which is what it is. Isn't a top of the line detector supposed to compensate for the soil? My soil GBs 85 and up and the F75 ltd can't hit a quarter
@7" that my e-trac and DFX scream at. I just got it back from El Paso with a clean bill of health and it still pinpoints 2 to 3 inches deeper than actual which probably explains many of "deep" finds I've heard about. A linear extrapolation on the error as depth increases indicates a 7" target on MY machine would pinpoint about 11". Riiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhtttt!!!!!

I was told that margin of error is acceptable to Fisher ---glad Minelab and White's don't operate to that standard


New member
I also live in E. TN. and my F-75 LTD never locks on a target over four inchs deep. After awhile you just seem to know when to dig. For relics I usually hunt in all metal 2T with boost. HH :fisher::minelab::teknetics:

Steve O

Well-known member
Unfortunately, all the same units don't run exactly alike. If every little electronic part were made 100% prefect, down to the material of the components (including coils and cable), then units running in the same dirt would all run alike. The closer the tolerances, the more dollars for the unit. Some units are hot, some are less. From the materials used, machines that make the parts and people who tune and assemble them, matters on the performance of the machine. Too many variables to consider for very unit to be exactly alike.... Unless you can test and compare, it's a matter of luck getting the hottest unit of it's kind. That's just the way it is.


New member
+ and - factor on electronics is a big factor on operation. A machine can be within tolerance, yet another machine can for say "Luck Of the Draw" have near perfect matches and be hot.

I had a CZ5 that was near perfect.