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Familiar with the DeLorme PN60W with Spot Communicator?

DeLorme makes a GPS unit that has something called SPOT Communicator. From what I understand, it transmits your location, waypoints, or, something for free(?). Then, for a fee, you an transmit like a distress text via satellite (?) I think. Not familiar with some of the terminology, it is not all that easy to understand what all it does. My health is not as great as it was 30 years ago when I was detecting in the 80's. I have been thinking of going into the deep woods to locate old house sites, etc. If something happened, and I had to get a medivac helicopter ( I belong to a service) It would be nice if this thing preformed as I believe to, that I could text someone and they could dispatch the helicopter, or, the SWAT team if I stumbled upon a group of herbal growers in the forest who insisted that they shoot at me.

Has anyone had personal experience, or know of someone who has a DeLorme PN60W with that Spot Communicator service and have the an opinion?

Looking for a good GPS, and thought this might have life saving capabilities for someone like me. Heart, etc.

Otherwise, what is a good GPS to use? I have National Geographic TOPO software for my state, plus large printed maps, and other downloadable TOPOs. I, also, have DeLorme's STREET Atlas 2005 plus.

Thank you.

I do appreciate the number of views, but, seriously, does anyone have any comments on this particular GPS? Is the Spot Communicator worth it, especially, if you are not in excellent health? I won't spend a lot of time in deep woods, but I do plan a couple excursions. Most of the time may be in remote areas of the county. It sounded good, the Spot Communication and all, but is if over valued, and would I be better off with a PN40, or, the plain.. no "w" PN60?
Thanks for your thoughts.


New member
The Spot Communicator does it's job and allows you to send Text's 24/7 to a secured location where they will forward messages to EMS as desired. You will need registr/subscribe and pay for the service and it will be limited to a certain number of messages per month. Messages can also be sent to non emergency addresses as desired.

The unit works in conjunction with your Delorme GPS for location fixes. It will also breadcrumb your meanderings back to la remote location as desired.

You might consider a cell phone, or even a micro VHF transciever as cheaper equipment. The SPOT is a serious device and works well.