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Feels good to be back :detecting:


Active member
I haven't posted any finds on the forum in a while. Haven't been out detecting much either... Believe I did a couple water hunts last year and that's it. I decided to head back to an old cabin site deep the woods where I have found two large cents in the past. Back in 2012 I walked in with the Explorer SE and found two large cents back to back. One was a 1822 the other was an 1818, Ive been back many times with a variety of detectors without any luck. The place is unusual compared to other house sites Ive hunted in the past. HEAVILY littered with iron but other than that no trash. A couple old shot gun shells here and there and a good collection of flat buttons. No old pieces of copper, no spoons, bells, snaps, buckles, non of the items usually found at these types of locations.

Like I said, I decided to head back with the CTX last week. I have always had good luck running all metal combined in heavy iron. I noticed a ground hornet nest right away so I was staying clear of it... Within five minutes of the hunt I was slowly working through the iron and brush listening to all the grunts the machine was giving me. I finally heard a nice little chirp between all the low tones so I stopped to investigate. I narrowed in on the signal moving the coil back and forth a short distance. The signal almost sounded like large iron false but was repeatable. I opened up the hole and and started retrieving nails immediately with the Garrett pin pointer. I took another scoop of dirt out when out popped a green copper disc.. As soon as i seen it I knew exactly what it was. I yelled over to my wife and said you're not going to believe this... Cleaned off the dirt and seen a clear date of 1845. It could have been 10 feet from where I found the two large cents back in 2012. Unfortunately I after finding the Large Cent my excitement got the best of me and I forgot all about that ground hornet nest.... Lets just say my hunt ended shortly after.. :surprised:

We decided to head back to the cabin site today. I really wanted to take the 6 inch coil for a walk in the iron. I spent about 45 minutes working in area where I found the large cent "keeping away from the hornet nest" Wasn't having any luck , dug a few ghost signals that turned out to be crusty nails. Still hunting with the 6 inch coil I decided to move out a little farther away from all the iron. I started working my way towards the creek, I stepped over a log and got a beautiful clean 12-45 12-46 signal showing 4 inches deep. I looked over at my wife who was sitting on a towel facebooking and said "ughhh ohhhh this is something good"! I opened up the hole and got a reading with the probe, took another scoop of dirt when another green copper disc reveled itself. I couldn't freaking believe it!!!!! Another Large Cent dated 1831. That make 4 total pulled out from this small cabin site. Just goes to show that no place is truly hunted out. Change up your settings, coil, detector there's always a chance of going back and finding more.

Thanks for looking guys!


Active member
nice finds for sure, congrats, I think I would take a hornet byte for one of those.



Active member
HAHA yeahhh unfortunately they hit me 4 times :surrender:


Active member
OUCH!! Oh man, I feel for you.


Active member
HAHA no pain no gain.. I spend a little too much time in the gym... Words I live by!!!! I appreciate the comments guys!


New member
Hey D,
Long time no see. Nice to see you post again and with some Awesome digs too. I have a couple of large cents that I've acquired through the years but I've never found one with my detector. There out there but you've got to really have the right spots as the pioneers came to Utah in 1847 and they did not have much money with them. 4 out of one site - Congrats. Its cooling down now and I may have to pry myself from work to get out to an old ghost town Ive been day dreaming about, lol.

Good luck,