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First silver Washington in quite some time


Well-known member
The other day I noticed that a house was being torn down and the lot was getting scraped. There was still equipment on the lot and part of the house was still standing. I told myself that I needed to keep an eye on it and search it when I could.
I didn’t get back as soon as I should and some others searched the lot before me. I know that because I met another detectorist who was searching the lot when I arrived to search it. He said that he was not the first to search, a couple of other guys had already searched it. So I was late to the party, no one to blame but myself.
I searched the lot anyway and found a couple of good finds in areas where the dirt hadn’t been disturbed yet. It has been quite a while since I found a silver wash. quarter but found a ‘43 plain today, down about 3-4 inches. The F70 gave me a good signal on it, I was sure hoping it was going to be a quarter as I had earlier found some deep trash that registered as a quarter. Also found a Ronson lighter that is in very good shape, it works. I don’t smoke but will take it hunting, camping. It was down 5 inches under some leaves and grass debris. Also found a little over a dollar in clad, padlock that had been clipped, toy car with no wheels, junk kids ring. GL&HH


Well-known member
It's was your right time to pull the finds no matter who been there before, and having the F70 is a fine machine, congrats on the coinage and a cool lighter, HHHANK


Well-known member
Quarters are always a welcome find! Never say never and hit the area in an angle approach that others dont. As said, its never hunted 100% out.


Well-known member
That is a nice lighter, congrats on the silver! It is NEVER hunted out, I got seconds on a tear out and was rewarded with a 77' seated this summer.
HH Jeff
Thanks Laplander, congrats on the seated! A seated coin is still on my bucket list. Yes, it is never hunted out.


Well-known member
Thanks Jim tn, it was nice that several of us had the opportunity to search the lot before they fenced it off.
If their not locking the fence.
I'd keep on going.
Especially checking those over burden piles they pushed off for any construction.
Wear a hardhat and vest.
Look like your on business.
I do that quite often. Wave at the cops and go right back to work. 🙂