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Got a new CTX3030


Active member
Yes people are still buying them.
Not new to detecting, various vintage machines Fisher, Garrett, 6 years ago Garrett AT Pro, 3 years ago Nox 800 and last year Vanquish 440.
All I have now is the CTX3030 and Vanquish (for my volleyball courts).

should I put my iphone in airplane mode with the CTX3030 when using it?

I know, probably everyone with a CTX knows the answer, but I don't.

Thanks for your help loyal CTX users.


Active member
Never had a problem, always carry my I phone
I have not had a problem with mine either, but wanted to be aware of some possible problem. Compared to my Nox 800 my new CTX3030 is a much quieter detector. I chalk that up to that the Nox can find the smallest bits of metal and thus has a lot of targets under the coil making if for a noisy hunt. The only way I knew to quiet it down was to decrease the sensitivity and then that decreased the depth on the 800. Keep in mind I hunt in urban Atlanta that is really a trashy environment due to the millions of people out and about littering the open spaces with tin cans, pop tops, pull tabs, screw caps, bottle caps and every darn grass cutting crew hitting cans with their mowers rather than picking up the stupid can. You would not believe how trashy our county parks look on Monday morning after 2 days of people using the parks and leaving a soda cans just 10 freaking feet away from a trash can. So you guys can probably see why the 800 was not the best fit for me. Took me a while to figure that out. Not slamming the 800 in any form, just had to find the right detector for where I hunt.


Well-known member
I do wear an Apple Watch but haven’t experienced any issues “phone related” on anything I’ve used so far. Doesn’t mean there isn’t something adverse going on…we all know that “silent EMI” can be a problem without us even knowing it, right? But I can only observe the observable, and haven’t seen any problems. Once in a blue moon I’ll turn my Carrot on or off and the CTX will “burp” but other than that, I think you’re pretty safe.


As many have said, its probably not an issue (that they can knowingly tell). But it can be a source of EMI, so why introduce that into your detecting? Some people look at it like its just a minor thing. And mostly it is. But if you want your maximum performance, then why knowingly decrease it even by a little? A little here, a little there....
Can you have a successful hunt without ground balancing? Absolutely. So why do you bother to ground balance in the first palce if it doesnt really make a difference to having a successful hunt? Because it makes your performance that much more accurate and eliminates ground feedback. Every little thing can be a slight advantage toward an optimum hunt, or it can be a slight disadvantage to an optimal hunt. Depends how precise you want to be about it. It could be the difference between finding that bucket lister or barely missing it. Or not. lol You never know. Its like hunting styles. Is it better to just meander around a site and get what you get in x hours? Or use those same x amount of hours to grid an area off, line by line, and then regrid it perpendicular at 90 degrees? Both are valid hunting styles, it just depends on what you feel like doing.
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