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Happy Ending


I don't really consider this as a good deed, because I'm certain every person reading this would have done the same. I have an AT Pro I use everywhere but the salt water beaches. I use an Excal at the beaches, and 95% of my hunting is at the beaches (not for any reason othere than I love being st the beach). Well on May 12, I had gone to the beach before work, found maybe .37 and a small silver charm (smaller than a dime), It was the head of Jesus, with the crown of thorns. When I got home from work, I logged the finds in the journal and threw the charm in the tin. Saturday (June 6) I was back at the beach, and not doing much, been a mostly cold spring. I see a gentleman, older than me with a woman, and they are both detecting. They are using some very old Garretts. The guy see's me, I wave, and he heads over to talk. I remove the headphones and turn off the Excal. Turns out he's with his daughter and they grew up in the small town I currently live in. They are here looking for a small silver pendant her son lost on Mother's Day. She decribed it as Jesus wearing the crown, and I say I found one a couple of weeks ago. She pulls out her smart phone, brings up a picture, and I look at it. I must have had a memory of another charm/pendant in my head, because I look at this and don't recognise it. I give her my e-mail address and ask her to send me an e-mail. I tell her when I get home I will forward the websites for several of the local groups, maybe one of the guys will have found it. After another hour they leave, those old machine's are heavy. I continue to search in the area where they had been looking. I did find my first Mercury Head dime, a 1944. It dawns on me that Saturday was June 6, D-Day. Well after I get home, do my chores (sure you married guys know what I'm talking about LOL), I go down to the basement and dump out my trophy tin. I have about 20-40 charms/pendants and the like, all small, in the tin (with a bunch of all the other stuff, that gets found at the beach). There it is, the exact charm she had showed me on her phone (still dunno why I didn't recongnise it) I take a picture of it, and e-mail it to her with my phone number, and a message saying I have it, call me so I can get it back to you. She calls me 15 minutes later, and she's crying. Turns out her Mom had passed away on Easter, and this was one of the last things she had given to her grandson, and he's been heartbroken since losing it. Now I'm not surprised I found the charm, I find lots of stuff at the beach (seriously). I'm astonished that we ran into each other so I could return it to them. I had been supposed to attend my son's girlfriends graduation ceremony that morning, but had skipped out on it, not something I would usually do. Certainly not a major deed on my part, there was no value to this charm for me, but the great feeling you get from bringing joy to another person is invaluable. Thanks for reading to anyone who got this far. Artie
I love a story with a happy ending, thanks for sharing it Artie.
Great story artman, its amazing how something with very little value can mean so much to someone... also funny how fate puts people in each others path....congrats on a great save...