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Having a problem with Equinox 900.


Active member
I'm having a problem with my new Equinox purchase, and I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me with it. The detector won't detect a quarter at more than 1-2 inches, and that's with the detector set at factory default settings. Any thoughts?

I just received the detector yesterday, and had a weekend of detecting already planned. As of right now, I don't think that will be happening. At least not with the Equinox.....

Thanks - Cameraniac
Thanks, guys. Yeah, I thought something was up when I attached the large coil, turned the detector on, and was greeted with near silence. This was while in my bedroom, where there's plenty of metal objects and EMI that should have caused the detector to sound off. It was a different story when I attached the six inch coil. That thing lit the detector up! It detected the quarter at an easy foot away, and that was at the factory default settings. I can tell that this detector is sparky!

The site that I plan to detect is known to have some good coins in it, but whats left tends to be buried deep. There are areas, though, where they're not as deep, but instead, they're hidden amongst a lot of old nails and other ferrous trash, the result of early structure fires. I'm thinking that area will be a good place to test the six inch coil. Luckily, I've still got my Anfibio and it's larger coil. If time allows, I'll use it to search the areas that hold the deeper stuff. Who knows, I may be surprised by what this little coil on the Equinox can do. 🤞

Happy Hunting - cameraniac
there may be bad batches of coils coming out, i got a manticore that would only detect on the outside edges of the coil, i sent it in and i just got a new coil yesterday
there may be bad batches of coils coming out, i got a manticore that would only detect on the outside edges of the coil, i sent it in and i just got a new coil yesterday
I had been watching your thread. I'm glad that you got your new coil. Minelab is pretty good about such things.

I'm currently waiting to hear from the individual that I bought the detector from. I need to get some information from him so that I can register everything. Then I can see about getting the replacement.

Thanks, and HH - Bill
there may be bad batches of coils coming out, i got a manticore that would only detect on the outside edges of the coil, i sent it in and i just got a new coil yesterday
Yup. I was following your post too.
Have a new Manticore as well. So far so good.
So how you liking it with the new coil ?
Got a notice from Minelab, yesterday, to let me know that they had received my coil :stretcher:, and that they would send an update after they diagnose the issue. I like that. :yo:
Looks like I might have to send the headphones in, too. :thumbdown:

The first day out, I couldn't get them to pair with the detector. I didn't have the manual with me, so I just used the detector w-out them. When I got home, I checked the manual, and found out that I wasn't holding the button on the phones in long enough. I was able to get them to work, and even used them for a few hours.

Today, I tried to use them, and couldn't get them to pair at all. I ended up having to use the wire to connect them. I'm starting to think that it might be in my better interest to just send everything in to be checked out. Bummer, too, because this is the season that I've been waiting all year for. Sure, I can use my Anfibio, and did, today, but dang!
I have been having problems with my 900 pairing too and had to resort to the wire for the headphones.
Thanks for the reply, Ted. I was wondering if there are others experiencing the same problem.
all the Equinox coils are compatible if you know someone with a bigger coil maybe you could borrow it? good luck
I wish that I did, but unfortunately, I do not ......

Great suggestion, though! Thank you for it.
Alright, I think I've finally got the headphones figured out. Today, what I did was turn the detector on, and then I held the wireless button in until I heard two consecutive (one right after the other) beeps. At that point, I released the button. I then did the same with the headphones. The result was an instant connection. Yay! :clap: