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Headphones choices?


New member
I know a lot of folks disagree with my choice and, admittedly, I have little experience locating, but, I have a pair of Koss Everywear SoloStereophones (^fs^Solo) that I find wonderful in every way. Yes, they have small gauge straight wire as opposed to a heavy coiled cord, but, they are only $19.95 and carry a lifetime warranty. The audio response is terrific, they are quite comfortable, they have an inline volume control (which I just leave on high and control from the machine) and even though they have full earcups, they do not totally block out external you can still hear someone yelling at you to "get off their property or they will shoot!" Your local Whalemart should have them in stock.

I just chose not to spend the 'big bucks' on a 'made for locating' set. BTW, I do have two pair of the 'made for locating' headphones and I don't like the weight, audio clarity or comfort of either one.

Don't know where you are in Tenn., but, from what I have seen on this forum, you have a lot of history buried in your wishes on finding some!!

Edit: Forgot to mention that you will need a 3.5mm to 1/4" stereo adapter for the Koss headphones, also, available at Wally World.


New member
I bought a pair of adjustable Killer Bee's from Gene Scullion and like them very much.
I have a hearing loss in my right ear and being able to adjust the right side volume helped me alot.

jim tn

Well-known member
I've tried all price points and for me I have found the upper end priced ones to be the best. They have better clarity and can pick up those whispers that can be missed with lesser priced ones. I currently use Gray Ghost, which was recommended by my dealer for the LTD and they are great. HH jim tn


Well-known member
the fall off the ladder I experienced in June left me with a fractured scull, four broken ribs, a nifty concussion and in a neck brace for over a month. Still however, we're dealing with the ruptured eardrum I also experienced. I had the ruptured right ear drum and infection as well. That's sort of better, except that I have scar tissue on that ear and that we're dealing with and I can guarantee you that my hearing loss is much greater than 70% or 80% on the right, and still bad as it was on the left.

Fortunately, I rely on two pair of headphones that are essentially the same. Minor differences is 'texture', so to speak, but both excellent headphones. They are the Killer B 'Wasp' and SunRay Pro Gold. I use them as do my closest hunting buddies (my suggestion :) ) because they work quite well. Comfortable, don't flop on the head, and the audio quality is great! Very functional volume controls for each ear and that can be very important.

Yes, I know that there are a few, not many, other top-end headphone manufacturers who also make a decent headphone, but since you asked about our personal preference, I answered.


rick in mi

Active member
Where did you get the gray ghost jm tn.........rick in mi.


New member
Jim, there are a bunch of Gray Ghost models.....which ones are you using?