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Help Me Choose Which Detector to Buy.

I know you guys get asked this question all the time, but it is very frustrating when searching through the internet. Every brand claims it is the best and every best metal detector site has different ones that they claim are the best. I am a real sucker and trust/swayed by the advertising to much. Up here in Canada there are a few choices in the price range that I can afford. I understand that there is not one best do all unit, but could we get a bit close to it if possible. I will be looking for an easy to use/understand detector that will be good for our Canadian coins, jewelry and whatever else is buried in the soil. Also would like to hunt camp sites and along rivers and lakes if possible.
I also understand that everybody has personal favourites but if you can tell me the pro's and con's of the following and which one you would choose, it would be a great help. Each of the following manufacturers has units that would fall into my price range.
Minelab: Vanquish 440= $370.00, Vanquish 540= $490.00
Fisher: F22=$300.00, F44= $490.00
Nokta Simplex+= $340.00
Garrett: Apex=$540.00, Ace 300i $324.00, Ace 400i $430.00
Tecknetics: Delta 4000=$ 330.00, Eurotek pro= #300.00
This is what I have found. If you have something else that you would recommend please say so.
I just want to have fun and not miss to many things.
Sorry for the winded post and thanks for your responses.
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I am a straight up “Minelab guy”. But that doesn’t mean anything for YOUR needs. I’ve messaged with a couple of well known “heavy hitters” who find ALOT of coins, and they were both frankly astonished at the build quality and features, along with the capability, of the Simplex. AT THE PRICE POINT….I have to agree that this would fit your needs. Will it compete on ultra deep coins with more complex and expensive machines? No. But for YOUR NEEDS….it’s right, IMO.
Don't Forget to check Deeptech Brand, the most under rate brands since there don't dump lot $$$ on adds ect . The Vista-X Super Deep, Great In Iron Site, Light weight and Cost much less then other brands. It looking for great depth and easy machine to learn, No Meters. VID Number or endless setting programs learn !


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Check with a local club in your area as you might be able to pick up a top notch detector. People are always wanting to upgrade as new models come out. Maybe pick up a $1000 detector for a fraction of that price. Some people really baby their machines.
Maybe give you an idea of what works in your area.
I have one of my machines now for 23 years.


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Not all detectors will do well with Canadian "clad" coins!!!!
I found over the years, these work the best-- and popular in Canada

Non-metered machines: Was a well kept secret.
Tesoro detectors with the 180ED discrimination.
Deeptech Vista X will match the Tejon, if using the smaller 6x8 coil.

Metered machines:
Garrett AT Pro, Whites MXT, Fisher CZ5, Bounty Hunter 2200
Nokta/Makro Anfibio, Kruzer and the Simplex with the smaller coil---Best bang for the buck
Tesoro Deleon

Most of these you can find used. Cheaper to buy used from the US and have them shipped up.

Monkeys Uncle

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Most "which detector" replies are biased. Mine is as well...Minelab or else! Get 15% discount if you or the buyer is a veteran.


Active member
Don't forget pre owned.

So looks like the sub 400 dollar range is what your budget is.

So pre owned I would try

Whites MXT, Makro Racer 2 or Makro Racer, Fisher CZ5, Teknetics T2, Fisher F75, Teknetics Omega, Minelab Xterra 505, Minelab Xterra 705, Xterra 50, Xterra 70, Whites XLT, Whites DFX if your lucky sometimes you can get a pre owned Minelab equinox 600 for 400 but it is rare.

New I would go for either the Vanquish series or the Simplex.
Thanks for the replies, up here north of your border the Nox600 sells new for $870.00. The nox800 is $1200.00+. The XP ORX is also $1200.00. I cant go that high. As far as used goes I have no problems with that. The problem is that very few are up for sale in my province. They are mostly entry level Bounty Hunters. I have been looking for a while.


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Sitting Bull, thinking just a bit out of the box here……
When I was in the Portland, OR area recently I found an ad for a guy running a detector business. Made the drive to the address and it ended up being a private residence, have you explored your research to see if anything similar where you are? This guy had mid range models from the different manufacturers which you could play with in his test area in his back yard.
Every detector a bit different than the other…..


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My kid swinging an ATPro beat the pants off of my Nox 800 yesterday-- it found targets the Nox wouldn't even give an iffy signal on-- on any setting.

Get a machine you won't outgrow if you get serious about the hobby. You will outgrow a cheap machine.


As others have said, a higher end used detector might be a better option. In your price range you could find a nice Whites MXT or as Jkline said, and ATPro. Add another $150 and you might be able to find an Etrac. You'll never feel outgunned with that machine.