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How i hunt with a 6 inch coil


Well-known member
Not much happening here l'm still hunting but short hunts in places i have hunted for 50 plus years . Still finding wheats and silver dimes . Gotta say not getting any easier but coins are still there and will stay there till the super detector comes out Don't hold your breath it will be a while.
Thank God i don't have to use a big coil where i hunt i only use one to locate high thrash areas the more thrash the more coins i thank the pigs that lived before me if they weren't pigs the coins would be gone.

White whale hunting is done were i hunt not many coins all by themselves there may be coins at the 10 plus depth but your looking on the outside area where there were fewer people = less coins to start.
The trash filled spots are where the people were = coins pull-tabs are the worst they mask the best most are shallower than the coins we seek dig them or move to another trash pit with fewer they are a great powerfull clean signal and in my ground they come out like the day they were dropped great at masking everything below and to the side of the coil that are deeper than the tab.

So you can see why i use the 6 a big coil has no place here a fruitless endeavor to say the least .
What were looking for is small returns from coin signals masked by some junk try this coin facing you go across the coil small return maybe 6 inches max try a big coil 6 inches max in theory the big coil should be deeper but is not why not as sensitive to small returns.

Falsing and the 6 it falses more because it has more nail tips pointed at it the big coil always has another target under it so it can't false but will false if there is no other target under it.

Hunting with the 6 first pinpoint your high tone i mean exact where it is (very important) is it where the high tone was or not if not move. This is a throw en false not under coil well read 40 to 41 on screen then there's the double false a nail under the coil when deep hard to here both beeps screen well say 47 to 50 leave.
Then there's the false that sounds good all the way around (nail rusted to a small wire with a round mass of iron oxide on one or both ends)
This has to be treated different stick your trowel or shovel in the ground 4 to 6 inches wiggle it now check signal did it change or stay the same most times it well tell you it's iron . If not dig a 8 inch plug 6 inches deep place coil in hole did it change or is it a good signal if it still sounds good put your digger in hole 4 inches deep and wiggle again if good dig.
You all know that digging a 10 inch nail sounds good and when you get it close to the coil 4 inches out of hole it grunts now why it was fused with the soil now it's not.
Best time to hunt when the soil is (DRY) why if wet that iron well be bigger (HALO) silver in my soil does not halo they come out shiny not corroded pennys corrode some (HALO) but not like iron .

Settings ferrous coin 32 fe line open screen adjust tones to your liking but keep 47 to 50 low tone grunt 75hz otherwise you well hear all the double falsing from nails your directly over making you have to look at the screen all the time. I always use pitch hold for sound 50 tone is a no no here .Sensitivity max or as high as you can go your looking for a hole in that junk pile if you use less your not going to get the deep ones what you want. sube


Well-known member
This is the kind of post that takes YEARS of hunting to make. Going over target after target after target…and paying CLOSE ATTENTION to what is going on is not always easy. Most people just want to go dig something good and go home…me too! But when the sites within a reasonable driving distance get really void of coins, you HAVE to become a “better hunter” to stay in the game. It gets to the point where the “easy” or “obvious” signals are all but gone, and it seems impossible to make any more coins appear from these places. In other words, hunting begins to SUCK.
The advice above can help people do better, especially:
1) Nails usually false at 12-40/12-41. Absolutely true in my sites with my settings.
2) Dry soil can HELP! Digging is harder and depth might not be optimized….but it cuts down on iron interference!
3) BEFORE YOU DIG a “sketchy signal”….sink your shovel into the ground and just heave the plug a little bit without actually taking any soil out…just move the soil. This is the same idea as the “old timers” stomping on the ground to break the iron halo….but this hurts body parts, so don’t do that.
IMO these 3 things are the highlights of the above post. Being able to determine to a high degree of certainty if the target is a coin or not let’s you work more quickly and be more productive.
Great post Sube, thanks for taking the time to actually type it out and help some people!


Active member
I have a site that the 6" coil is needed. I will review this before going to the location.

Great advise.