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I dig alot less iron...


Well-known member
Rusty nails seem to love the E-trac, and back when I started my pouch was full of those bent, straight, square and modern rusty nails..often found way off the pinpoint in the side of the plug. over the years I have taught myself to listen to the tones rather than rely so much on VDI numbers...well when it comes to rusty nails... you actually need both. Yesterday I dug an immense amount of targets, and one stands out... I was in a slightly modified Andy s. coin pattern, I got a high tone while swinging and slowed to investigate. First I went back and forth and it was 6" and jumpy between 12-43 and 01-45, the tone was scratchy. I then turned 90 degrees expecting the tone to go away... nope I still had that cracked high tone and the 12-43 in and out... I clicked on open screen quick mask and the numbers jumped into the 35-45 range but there was still a glimpse of the 12-43 every so often. so I pinpointed, this is where if it's a nail it will jump and move you over from where you thought your target was... my pinpoint barely moved so I locked on and depth was about 4" or so. I decided to investigate, having been through this before... I dug down and retrieved a small rusty bolt, then rescanned the hole and the 12-43 popped out at 6" just about 2" outside my plug. I dug abit through the sidewall and retrieved a 1965 clad dime...
so what I'm trying to say is, usually (90% of the time) choppy one way signals that jump into the 30's FE range and change tone or get louder most likely have rusty iron...pinpoint spot jumps from where you have the initial tone , you most likely have rusty iron... but don't be afraid to dig a few rusty nails now and then on a "iffy" signal if you hear something or get that VDI number that just keeps recurring. just thought I would share... I'm far from an expert, and most of the time I don't realize how much quick computing my brain does on every target.. keepers, and trash. but anyone just getting started or still learning the E-trac might learn something from my deteriorating vault of knowledge!;)


Well-known member
It really is IMPOSSIBLE to describe EXPERIENCE. I was just saying on a video today while using the CTX how the whole motion of the swing, how you hear the initial signal and what you see on the ground when that signal is ALL actually incorporates into one conglomerate of information that your brain gets used to, and CANNOT be “taught” or described in text. It is IMPOSSIBLE. A friend of mine described using his CTX while hunting with more experienced guys who had used theirs for a very long time. He asked how they knew good from bad, when it wasn’t blindingly obvious. He said their response was “you just know”. Their response couldn’t have been anything else when you get to that level of hunting, it truly is only a level you can get to with experience.
I don’t believe I have “cracked any code” or found any “holy grails of information”, but when hunting terrible places and it’s all you have, your choice is to get better...or get in the car. And I’m not getting back in the car.

”You truly get to know your machine when all the easy targets are gone”