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I hate button batteries…..


Well-known member
Got out this morning for a two hour tour. Decided to hit a couple of the woodchip totlots, $0 at one so on to the next. $0.06 at second location but plenty of grass area to play. Jkline pulled a Barber quarter out of here earlier so I started a grid pattern out from a covered picnic area. Glad I did as I started getting coins.

Hit two stacked coin columns, one was three dimes and the other was three quarters. In the same grid line I hit yet a third high 80s numbers and up popped a 71 Kennedy Half!
Next row over I slammed a solid 89-90 at 10” indicated. I was getting a solid four way hit so hoping for something good! Right at 9” the pinpointer was buzzing solid so new I was dead on top of it. Started to dig a ring around it and flipped the plug, SILVER!!!!! Wait, its smooth…… get it pulled out and it was a button battery (bottom of photo) just a bit bigger than a nickel. Well pooh. Only other find was a small religious pendant stamped “Anson Pewter” on the back.

Going to start an online petition to make battery manufacturers make those batteries some obnoxious bright color so I dont “have the big one” next time.


  • 2D1EBA13-A325-427F-ADF9-506C140D5E31.jpeg
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Well-known member
Just checked dates on coins….. one 65 quarter and two 65 dimes. The Kennedy is a Bi-Cent, I should wear my readers more often…….


Well-known member
Just checked dates on coins….. one 65 quarter and two 65 dimes. The Kennedy is a Bi-Cent, I should wear my readers more often…….
I hear ya on that....I currently just glance and throw in the pouch with my eyes... I check all Roosevelt dime's ...I have found dark silver ones... but in the field I just give it a quick look and squint and throw it in the pouch.


Well-known member
I say they make them batteries, gold color . At our age ,, we need a little extra heart pumping , just to keep it in check ,,, ;)


Active member
Makes you wonder how something as recent as button batteries could get that deep already.


Well-known member
Those batteries are awful 🤬 right up there with vape pens. They should be required to put some 50/50 iron/non-ferrous component in them so they sound as bad as they are.


Well-known member
At least with those vape pens you know what it is when you first see it. Small button batteries you can recognize fairly quickly but that stupid thing was slightly larger than a nickel and I went into surgical mode to get it. Mumph……